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LINKS COLLECTIONS: Cologne based. See "Link-pool". Comprehensive list. Composers, be sure to have a listing there ;-).


Ring für Gruppenimprovisation. IN GERMAN. Verein für improvisierte Musik; Kurskalender, annotierte Bibliographie, Links. The Improvisor Internet continuation of a great American magazine on improvisation with thoughtful texts.

International Improvised Music Archive Initiative for permanent storage of texts on improvised music!


See also this homepage's Japanese Section.

Intuitive Records Danish CD company with releases of intuitive music, both Danish and English. All the booklet notes are here.

ATSARA French group of artists presenting a "sounds and pictures gallery" mainly based on improvised music, also with animations along. Large collection of mp3's and videos. Open invitations for musicians to participate. Site has both English and French text. Texts on improvisation and improvisation teaching by Tom Hall, Boston. Also mp3s.

Logos . Information Center and Concert Place in Gent, Belgium for experimental and improvised music. Contains also the article "The Methodology of Godfried-Willem Raes' Improvisation teaching at Conservatory of Gent, Belgium" by Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen (1998).

P-ART. Belgian Paul Timmermanns's unusual site with mixed stuff and a gallery of fellow artists (including me).

Zwischentöne. IN GERMAN Music therapist Eckhard Weymann's doctoral dissertation from 2002 on the psychological meaning of improvisation. Pdf-format.

Fri musikimprovisation - en vej mod udvikling af kulturfri kommunikation?. Cand.pæd - speciale fra Danmarks Pædagogiske Universitet af Felix Becker i Pædagogisk Psykologi, 2005. Pdf-format, ca. 1 MB.
   Indeholder bla. interviews med Ivan Vincze, Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen, Randi Kjær og Helle Thun.

Experimental Music Catalogue
Run by Christopher Hobbs. English and American new tonal music. Contains, however, also the famous "Verbal Anthology" from 1972 with music for variable ensemble by Robert Ashley/Gavin Bryars/Phil Gebbitt/Chris Hobbs/Hugh Shrapnel as well as other now "classic" materials, including many works by Cornelius Cardew.

Vokalorkestret. Århusiansk improviserende vokalgruppe.

Piano improvisation method based on the piano works of Toru Takemitsu by Danish Niels Chr. Hansen. See abstract /read the article:

Free Ensemble Improvisation. PhD by Free improvisor Harald Stenström, Gothenburg University, Sweden, 2009.

IKI vocal ensemble . Copenhagen improvising choir.

Henrik Rasmussen, composer.

Mathias Granum: Fri improvisation i grupper: Sammenspil, samarbejde og gruppedynamikker: En empirisk undersøgelse Speciale fra Aalborg Universitet, musikterapi, 2010.

Christoph Herndlner, Austrian composer.

Berio: Sequenza III, educational score on Youtube by Nick Redfern.

Animated graphic scores and dance at Copenhagen Open Form Festival 2013

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