Excerpt from Mäder, Urban; Baumann, Christoph; Meyer, Thomas (2013): Freie Improvisation – Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Vermittlung. (Forschungsbericht der Hochschule Luzern – Musik 5). Electronic document. Downloaded 7.Oktober 2016 from p.63-64.

Introduction by translator Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen from the bibliography entry:
   In the appendix p.63f there is an innovative list, "Ansagen". This word might be translated into "Suggestions" or "Hints". Seemingly belonging in an informal place, they are such little advices like "try to listen as if you were outside the group and heard the totality" or "play according to your impulse and attempt to quickly understand what this impulse might lead to". There are twenty-six in all, divided into these categories: "for becoming conscious", "for listening", "for deciding whether to play or not to play", and "for common form creation". (...) As known from practise, everything said about the playing before playing again, even if the context is ever so fleeting, will influence the musicians. (...) They do go beyond a simple "Let's play again", they suggest a focus of attention but are yet not to be called "exercises".

Short suggestions (2013)