To my mind, the following twin-analytical imperatives are in place:
1. Searching without an expectation of finding anything
2. The second of the twin imperatives could be enshrined (if conditionally) in the term "empathy"... - our fellow musicians also offer us a great source of potentially inspiring audio, technical and emotional information. These two analytical propositions are especially creative when entwined.

Eddie Prèvost in Internezzo 10, in: Gagel, Reinhard;Schwabe, Matthias (Hg/eds.): Improvisation erforschen - improvisierend forschen. Beiträge zur Exploration musikalischer Improvisation. / Researching improvisation - researching by improvisation. Bielefeld (Transcript Verlag) 2016. Bilingual throughout. P. 351-53. In improvised music, speed equals velocity, not tempo; it's a matter of feeling a tidal pull rather than counting beats per minute. Corbett, John: A Listener's guide to Free Improvisation. Chicago (Univ. of Chicago Press), 2016, p.27.

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