Copenhagen   O p e n f o r m   Festival  2015

This is NOT a joke: specialists play Beethoven, Debussy and jazzstandards like Body and Soul, Pennies from Heaven etc. In between the other music there are free improvisations.

Especially recommended for those who are not accustomed to listening to a lot of new and improvised music. The "strange" thing about it will be strongly diluted ;-)
At the same time, musicians also relate to this special situation which is an experimental thing in itself.

Koncertkirken, Saturday 21.November (Blågaards Plads 6A, 2200 Kbh. N)
kl.14 (classical + improv) og kl.16 (jazz + improv). Possible to buy food and enjoying it together afterwards.
Entry fee: 100 kr for both concerts, 70 for one.

--- MUSICIANS: Kresten Osgood - a well-known Danish percussionist. Heine Hansen known from Alex Riel Trio. Ida Andersson og Dean Delgiusto are young instrumentalists from the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music with whom Carl has had exciting collaborations in later years.

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With support from Danish Composers' Society / KODA's Fund for Social and Cultural Purposes
Openform Festival is a biennale featuring open compositions since 2007. This year the concert programmes themselves are to be seen as such.

Music played according to defined elements and rules.
Music beyond the composition/improvisation split.

KONCERTKIRKEN (Copenhagen, Blågårds Plads 6A, 2200 N)  Saturday 31.October, at 8 pm.
The concert is arranged by Gong Tomorrow (formerly Wundergrund) Festival

Musicians: Stefan Baur (sax), Loré Lixenberg (voc, performance), Ying Hsueh-Chen (perc), + surprise.
Read Ying Hsueh-Chen's vision about being a musician here!

Entry fee: 100 kr
There will be performances introducing the pieces in English language.
Jørgen Plaetner (1930-2002): 6.oktober from "improvisationskalender" (1996). (First time in DK)
Henrik Ehland Rasmussen (f.1961): Meddlings (2013) (World First)
Jørgen Lekfeldt (f.1948): ARUA (1977)
-- P A U S E --
Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007): Unanimity from "For times to Come" (1968)
Toke Brorson Odin (f.1982): Animal Game Cards (2013) (World first)
Regin Petersen (f.1980): The Battle at Dybbøl (2013) (World First)

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