"The exotic excursion goal, the Echo Tower, was yesterday evening both witness of and participant in a somewhat different modernist musical experiment.

It was the International Group for intuitive music consisting of seven musicians from several countries who succeeded in magically bring moods to life with its instruments and with much variation, charming sound combinations and transparent tone garlands which were taken by the group through expressive and psychologically motivated metamorphosis

The seven musicians were Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen, French Horn and voice, Frank Hiesler, percussion, Helene Jerg, violoncello, Henrik rasmussen, percussion, Johan Toft, marimba, Ivan Vincze, viola, and Kumi Wakao, violin.

The poetic mood was reinforced by the echo effects of the water tower, by the dazzling twilight behind the old oak trees, and as if nature itself wanted to participate, even by an extraordinaryly beautyful rainbow extending itself over the horizon.

Pity that such a quite interesting manifestation did not extend beyond simply nice sound combinations. An improvisatory playing grounded on motivic dialogues, more solid attemps at building up,with proper length and then with a good climax would maybe have resulted ion a qualitatively better production."

Ladis Müller in: Smålandsposten, Staurday 15. August, 1998. (Translation: CBN)

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