DIMC Discussion 23/5 1999 at Rudme, Denmark.

Present at the discussion were: Frank Hiesler (D), John Vinther (DK), Johan Toft (DK), Gerhard Pischinger (DK), Tytte Buus (visual artist, DK), Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen (DK), Henrik Rasmussen (DK).

Carl: What are your thoughts about intuitive music?

Tytte: it's exciting

John: It is non-styled, sometimes there is style as well, so I call it "music without specific style".

Frank: I would like to spread the theme out to intuitive art. Maybe it is the same language in music and painting.

Tytte: the expressions are different, but the creation is very similar.

Gerhard: intuitive art is getting exciting exactly when it begins to be boring. When you get stuck, you have to create.

John: so intuitive music comes from boredom?

Carl: maybe John is literally right. Since the art world is boring, we have to invent intuitive art.

John: Danish "dogme"-film as well as the american "Smoke" leave room for the intuition of actors as well as for photographers - they get a framework to fill out.

Gerhard: yesterday we made fabulous music coming out of chaos as it were.

Tytte: I do not agree that normal art is boring - all art is creative, it always starts so. Since we do not have to fight for survival in our culture, there is a greater demand for creativity. New Age is born out of that.

Johan: the whole concept of intuitivism is paradox: it involves individualism as well as cooperation. We are 50 years ahead of our time, the world outside is not ready for intuition. Bureaucracy is opposed to intuition.

John: I do not quite agree. Just home from Africa , I think we need intuitive activity to supplement our culture. African culture is more intuitive.

Tytte: I heard several intuitive musicians say they are egoists. Wonder why?

John: Art forms take a more spontaneous way out of nescessity. That is why we become freaks.

Tytte: I am bored of being different.

Johan: intuitive art will not pay our daily living.

Carl: we should expect satisfaction from it, not money.

Tytte: intuitivism has also to do with love and friendship, it concerns us 24 hours a day. I would for instance like to make a shop window decoration, and I would need to contemplate it for some time to make the intuition work.

Henrik: are you not thinking primarily of money working for a shop rather than just love and friendship?

Frank: intuition is not only for the personal life, a manager can also work intuitively.

Tytte: If you work intuitively it is more difficult to become a bad person. Working 24 hours a day makes it impossible, like politicians do.

John: I used to take time to get into contact with my own feelings when playing intuitive music previously, at this congress it is just going spontaneously.

Johan: There is a danger in being intuitive, a risk of not being understood.

Tytte: maybe you should change friends

Carl: or make some nescessary compromises

Henrik: being a good person one maybe has to escape from society as it is now.

Frank: I would like to make more meetings with other art forms. I am looking forward to get new impulses for my life style.

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