INTUITIVA Conference Discussion 2016

Conference Discussion 2016: Emotions/artistic form/spirit.

Present: Anna Jedrzejewska, Pawel Dudzinski, Sambor Dudzinski, Azya, Susanne Escher, Thomas Zimmermann, Maja Radovanlija, Piotr Stefanski, Haruhiko Okabe, Zofia Bartoszewicz, Stefan Tiedje, Natalia Kamia, Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen, Azya + interpreter Angelika.

This discussion is a part of the talk following Carl's suggestion to share artistic experiences / musicians' insights during the conference.

What is important?

Natalia connected to the virtues described by Cornelius Cardew: to be simple, honest, fragile, empty yourself. [See his article here!] Pawel remarked that audiences are sensitive to whether musicians play with their heart. Haruhiko affirmed this in stating that everyone is isolated if one closes the eyes - therefore one must start with one's own individuality. Sambor again affirmed this by contrasting free playing to playing what others tell us to do, which we grow up doing. Haruhiko suggested that everyone has his or her own reasons to be on stage.


Next came a theme of emotions. Anna stated that she would not like to share pain with other people, while Stefan encountered by asserting that some of the biggest artists are driven by pain. Stefan stated that perceiving an inner need from a performer to share something would make him happy as a listener.

However - Natalia and Thomas asserted against this that sharing emotions is not what art is about. It might rather be transcendence (Natalia), "Going into the music" (Thomas) or "artistic form" (Carl).

Maybe in between were views by Pawel and Sambor. Sambor told us about writing a song about a pain in his life. Then the pain disappeared, and the song became popular. Pawel mentioned three types of self-image by the Butho dancer: "I with them", "I as seen by the audience", and "I looking at all this from above". Connecting to a meditative view he also mentioned Gratkowski's idea of letting performers be half an hour in darkness and silence prior to the performance.

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