Be sure to read this before you go!

Please let ud know about your participation no later than before 1. of August! This will help our planning. Also whether you have special ideas to be carried out in a workshop. And whether you have special requirements about food (vegetarian etc).

Wroclaw can be reached comfortably by train from cities like Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig. There are good highways. Wizzair and Ryanair are low-cost airlines. Wizzair have direct flights to and from Oslo, Dortmund, Sheffield, London and Cork. Ryanair connects directly to Oslo, Malmö, Glasgow, Dublin, Liverpool, Shannon, Cork, Bristol, Bournemouth, Paris, Brussel, Milan, Girona (Barcelona), Alicante, Malaga, Rome, Zadar, Malta and Chania.

If you come by air to Wroclaw airport: be sure to let us know the time of your arrival. We will arrange car transport or provide extensive information about how to travel on by bus.

If you come by car: search www.maps.google.com for how to get to Lubiaz, Poland (Alewiocha or the exact address cannot unfortunately be searched). From there, drive towards the East on road 338, pass the road "Wolowska" to the left, and 80 meters after the road has turned to the right, take the small private road right into the Alewiocha area. The address is Wojska Polskiego 63. We will also provide you with a mobile number you can call, to have local guidance the last meters if needed.

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