This is one of many little "Flexations" presented by Regine Leonore Birkner and played tutti. First, there was a round with individual interpretations of different such drawings (practised a little first, repeatable). Then, there was a conducted piece with these elements, which were either stated by the individual musician once or repeatedly until a stop-sign.
Some of the text pieces by Stockhausen: Bird of Passage, Inside and Nightmusic (From For times to Come and From the Seven Days) were played and presented at the concert session. They describe some sound, musical action and suggest poetic ideas to be further elaborated by the musician. (Due to copyright issues we cannot reproduce them here, but you may get the work collections mentioned at a library or browse the article here for a general analysis.)
One more proposal by Regine was to make a vocal improvisation using only the sounds from one word. We made several improvisations of this kind.

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