The score is a graphic/verbal score presented in three views. The first view is configured as a grid showing the individual instrumental parts in relation to each other. Each movement is delineated by a start and stop time; within each movement verbal instructions are given for what each player is to do during the movement. The other two views show the scores used by each of the two sections: One score for the acoustic string trio (viola, cello and double bass), and one for the electric string section (NS electric upright bass and two NS bass-cellos). The sequence of movements is arranged vertically, with verbal instructions given for each movement. Verbal instructions cover color, dynamics and sound density, as well as traffic directions for steering instruments in and out of the mix. One unique feature of the piece is the designation of one NS bass-cello as “atmospherico continuo,” a role that asks the player to supply sounds and colors, predominantly of a non-pitched nature, to create specified moods as a background for the other instruments to play against.

© Daniel Barbiero 2010.


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