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The Musings review site was run for four years (1995-1999) with (semi-)regular updates reviewing CDs of new music. The music was mostly, but not entirely, improvisational in nature, with a broad range from modern jazz to classical composition to conceptual art. Some wonderfully rich regional music scenes are represented here, as well as the work of maverick individuals and established greats.

Musings was proud and very lucky to be involved with such a fabulous community. Regrettably, I am no longer able to continue to update this site or accept material for new reviews. In its day, Musings was "famed" for reviewing just about everything it recieved -- now the odd CD which does arrive is passed on to other journalists or organisations who may be able to use it.

This page contains a list of every CD reviewed on (musings).

Once more, thanks to everyone who supported Musings. Anyone who would like to reproduce reviews from the site is welcome to do so, provided due credit is given.

Some visitors may be interested in the musings links page (no longer updated). Links to labels can be found on any page reviewing a release on that label.

Richard Cochrane

Alienstalk(Sargasso: SCD28025)
Ellen Christi (vocals), Claudio Lodati (guitar), Luigi Archetti (guitar), Jan Schlegel (bass).

Allen, Brian: Solo Trombone (Braintone: No Number)
Brian Allen (trombone)

Alterations: Alterations Live (Intuitive: IRCD001)
Steve Beresford, Peter Cusack, Terry Day, David Toop (various instruments)

Angeli, Paolo: Linee di Fuga (PJP/Erosha: PJP002/ERH012)
Paolo Angeli (guitar)

Archer, Martin: Ghost Lily Cascade (Discus: 4CD)
Martin Archer (synthesisers, electronics, violin, saxophone, studio collages), Chris Bywater (synthesisers and electronics), Charlie Collins (electronics and flute), Michael W Evans (percussion), Simon H Fell (bass), John Jasnoch (guitars), Martin Jones (trumpet), Brian Parsons (vibes), Angie Rosenfeld (cello), Max Wall (bass guitar).

Archer, Martin and Simon H Fell: Pure Water Construction (Discus: 11CD)
Martin Archer (studio collages, percussion, synthesisers, saxophone), Simon H Fell (bass, bass guitar, studio collages), Gino Robair (percussion), Robin Hayward (tuba), Chris Burn (piano), Rhodri Davies (harp), Jenni Molloy (cello), Stefan Jaworzyn (guitar), Charlie Collins (bass clarinet).

Archer, Martin: 88 Enemies (Discus: 10CD)
Martin Archer (electric piano, sampler, compositions).

Archer, Martin: Winter Pilgrim Arrriving (Discus: 12CD)
Martin Archer (synths, sopranino sax, clarinets, recorders, "violectronics"), Benjamin Bartholemew (guitars), Derek Saw (cornet), Simon H Fell (bass), Tim Cole (guitar), Charlie Collins (flute, sampling), Gino Robair (percussion, one track only), James Archer (onjects, one track only), Mick Beck (bassoon), Sedayne (crwth, one track only)

Asano, Koji: Flow-Augment (Solstice: 12)
Koji Asano (compositions)

Asano, Koji: Preparing for April (Solstice: 13)
Koji Asano (compositions)

Asano, Koji: The Secret Path of Rain (Solstice: 15)
Koji Asano (composition)

Asano, Koji: Momentum (Solstice: 14)
Koji Asano (compositions)

Asano, Koji: The Last Shade of Evening Falls (Solstice: 16, 17, 18 and 19)
Koji Asano (composition and realisation)

Asano, Koji: Quoted Landscape (Solstice: 20)
Koji Asano (composition and realisation)

Ask: Disconnected Bliss (Discus: 8CD)
Martin Archer (electronics, saxophone), John Jasnoch (guitar, electronics).

Assumed Possibilities (Confront : FRONT05)
Chris Burn (piano), Rhodri Davies (harp), Phil Durrant (violin), Mark Wastell (cello)

Bailey, Derek and Steve Lacy: Outcome (Potlatch: P299)
Derek Bailey (guitar), Steve Lacy (soprano sax)

Bailey, Derek: Fairly Early with Postscripts (Emanem : 4027)
Derek Bailey (guitar), Anthony Braxton (flute, sax), Kent Carter (bass), John Stevens (drums)

Bailey, Derek and Joelle Leandre: No Waiting (Potlatch: P198)
Derek Bailey (guitar), Joelle Leandre (bass).

Band, Ellen: 90% Post Consumer Sound (XI Records: XI124)
Ellen Band (tapes etc)

Bassrespanse: Bassrespanse (Owlsong: OWL2001)
Vattel Cherry (bass), Jane Wang (bass), Alan Lewine (bass), David Kaczorowski (bass), Marjani Dele (voice, one track only), Benjamin Tomassetti (alto sax, one track only), Daniel Powell (tenor sax, one track only)

Bickerton, John: Shadow Boxes (Leo Lab: CD064)
John Bickerton (piano), Matthew Heyner (bass), Rashid Bakr (drums).

Beins/Davies/Wastell: The Sealed Knot (Confront: FRONT06)
Burkhard Beins (drums), Rhodri Davies (harp), Mark Wastell (cello)

Bentzon, Niels Viggo: Solo Piano Improvisations (Av-Art: AACD1004)
Niels Viggo Bentzon (piano, prepared piano).

Beresford, Coombes, Smith & Day: Three and Four Pullovers (Emanem: 4038)
Steve Beresford (toys, electronics etc), Nigel Coombes (violin, electronics), Roger smith (guitar), Terry Day (percussion, alto saxophone, cello, mandolin)

Berger, Karl and Edward Blackwell: Just Play (Emanem: 4037)
Karl Berger (vibes, balafon, darbuka), Edward Blackwell (drums)

Bisio, Michael & Eyvind Kang: MBEK (Meniscus: MNSCS005)
Michael Bisio (bass}, Eyvind Kang (violin)

Bohman, Adam: Last Orders (Mycophile: SPOR03)
Adam Bohman (amplified objects).

Bonefied: Trombone Revenge (Zerx: 018)
J A Deane (tenor trombone, bass flute, shakuhachi, percussion), Steve Feld (trombones, euphonium, sousaphone, text), Kurt Heyl (tenor trombone, flutes, percussion, voice), Gary Sherman (trombones, "flugelbone", tuba), Jefferson Voorhees (drums, percussion), Mark Weaver (tuba, tenor trombone)

Bonehouse: Click (Nerve Technologies : nerve001)
Phil Morton (guitar, treatments), Phil Hargreaves (saxophones, flute)

Botti, Paolo: Leggende Metropolitane (Caligola: 2035-2)
Paolo Botti (viola), Alessandro Bosetti (soprano sax), Marina Ciccarelli (trombone), Tito Mangialajo Rantzer (bass), Filippo Monico (drums)

Bouhalassa, Ned: Aerosol (Diffusion i Media: IMED9840)
Ned Bouhalassa (electronics).

Bowers, Graham: Transgression (Red Wharf: RWCD002)
Graham Bowers (composition).

Bowers, Richard: Nocturne (Simulacrum: No number)
Richard Bowers (composition)

Brasserie Trio: Musique Mecaniques (Leo: CDLR269)
Carlo Actis Dato (reeds), Alberto Mandarini (trumpet), Lauro Rossi (trombone).

Braxton, Anthony and Stewart Gillmore: 14 Compositions (Traditional) 1996 (Leo: CDLR259)
Anthony Braxton (reeds), Stewart Gillmore (piano, brass instruments).

Braxton, Anthony: Composition No 94 for Three Instrumentalists (1980) (Golden Years of New Jazz : GY3)
Anthony Braxton (reeds), Ray Anderson (trombones, cornet, trumpet), James Emery (guitars, electronics)

Braxton, Anthony: Knitting Factory (Piano/Quartet) 1994, Vol 2 (Leo: CDLR297/298)
Anthony Braxton: Piano, Marty Ehrlich (reeds), Joe Fonda (bass), Pheeroan AkLaff (drums)

Braxton, Anthony: Composition N.247 (Leo: CDLR306)
Anthony Braxton (reeds), James Fei (reeds), Matthew Welch (bagpipes)

Brennan, John Wolf: Moskau-Petruschki/Felix-Szenen (Leo Lab: CD034)
John Wolf Brennen (piano and compositions).

Brennan, John Wolf: The Well-Prepared Clavier (Creative Works Records CW1032)
John Wolf Brennen (piano and compositions).

Brennan, John Wolf: Text, Context, Co-Text and Co-Co-Text (Creative Works: CW1025)
John Wolf Brennan (piano, compositions)

John Wolf Brennan HeXteT: ...through the Ear of a Raindrop (Leo: CDLR254)
Julie Tippets (voice), Peter Whyman (bass clarinet), Evan Parker (saxophones), Paul Rutherford (trombone), John Wolf Brennan (piano, compositions), Chris Cutler (percussion)

Brennan/Coleman/Wolfarth: Momentum (Leo: CDLR274)
John Wolf Brennan (piano, prepared piano), Gene COleman (bass clarinet, melodica), Christian Wolfarth (percussion)

Breschand/Doneda/Zbinden: L'Intense (For4Ears: CD1138)
Helene Breschand (harp), Michel Doneda (soprano sax), Gerald Zbinden (electric guitar

Brotzmann, Peter: Noise of Wings (Slask: SLACD019)
Peter Brotzmann (tenor sax, tarogato, clarinet), Peter Friis Nielsen (electric bass), Peeter Uuskyla (drums)

Bubbadinos, The: We're Really Making Music Now (Zerx: 014)
Mark Weaver (tuba), Stefan Dill (guitar, trumpet), Bubba D (lap steel, bass flute, piano, drums), Mark Weber (covals, guitar, violin, harmonica), Ken Keppeler (violin, mandolin, banjo, accordion, harmonica)

BTMZ: 11 Ways to Proceed (For 4 Ears: CD1035)
Hans Burgener (violin), Richard Teitelbaum (electronics), Gunter Muller (electronics, drums), Carlos Zingaro (MIDI violin) *SORRY - this file is unavailable!

Burn, Chris: Music for Three Rivers (Victo: CD050)
Chris Burn (Piano). *SORRY - this file is unavailable!

Butcher, John: Music on Seven Occasions (Meniscus: 004)
John Butcher (sax), Gino Robair (percussion), Alexander Frangenheim (bass), Veryan Weston (piano), Thomas Lehn (synthesiser), John Corbett (guitar), Jeb Bishop (trombone), Terri Kapsalis (violin), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello), Michael Zerang (percussion, tubaphone)

Butcher, John & Dylan Van der Schyff: Points, Snags and Windings (Meniscus: 010)
John Butcher (saxophones), Dylan van der Schyff (percussion)

Butcher/Durrant/Russell: The Scenic Route (Emanem : 4029)
John Butcher (saxophones), Phil Durrant (violin), John Russell (guitar).

Butcher/Charles/Dorner: The Contest of Pleasures (Potlatch: P201)
John Butcher (saxophones), Xavier Charles (clarinet), Axel Dorner (trumpet)

Carbon/Elliot Sharp: Interference (Atavistic: ALP50CD)
Elliott Sharp (guitars, samples, saxophones, computer), Zeena Parkins (electric harp), Marc Sloan (bass), Joseph Trump (drums), David Weinstein (sampler).

Carter, Kent and Albrecht Maurer: The Juillaguet Collection (Emanem: 4033)
Kent Carter (bass), Albrecht Maurer (violin).

CCM4: Construction, Destruction, Recreation(Newsonic: 12)
Pete Cafarella (accordion, piano, computer), Rafael Cohen (oboe, English horn, computer), Seth Misterka (reeds, computer).

CCM4: Destroys New York(Newsonic: 14)
Pete Cafarella (accordion, piano, computer), Rafael Cohen (oboe, English horn, computer), Seth Misterka (reeds, computer).
[Reviewed with "Construction, Destruction, Recreation".]

Chadbourne, Eugene: Worms with Strings (Leo: CDLR264)
Eugene Chadbourne (stringed instruments), George Cremaschi (bass), Brent Dunn (bass), Bob Jordan (tapes, objects etc), Carla Kihlstedt (violin), Barry Mitterhof (mandolin), Ted Reichman (accordion, piano), Brian Ritchie (bass guitar etc), Charles Rosina (tapes and effects), Leslie Ross (bassoon), Rik Rue (tapes), Carrie Shull (oboe), Tony Trischka (banjo).

Chadbourne, Eugene: Beauty and the Bloodsucker (Leo: CDLR270)
Eugene Chadbourne (guitars, truntables, studio editing etc), Ashley Adams (bass), Ellery Eskelin (tenor sax), Lyn Johnston (contrabass clarinet, one track only), Jeff Kaiser (trumpet, euphonium), Carla Kihlstedt (violin, one track only), Rob Mallard (tenor sax, flute), Jacques Palinckx (electric guitar), Dan Plonsey (reeds), Garth Powell (percussion), Brian Ritchie (bass guitar), Gino Robair (percussion, one track only), Varrie Shull (oboe), Lukas Simonis (electric guitar), Jeff Sipes (percussion), Leonid Soybelman (classical guitar)

Chadbourne, Eugene: Piramida Cu Povesti (Leo: CDLR304)
Eugene Chadbourne (guitar)

Chadbourne/Bennink/Kondo: Jazz Bunker (Leo: GY7/8)
Eugene Chadbourne (guitar etc), Han Bennink (percussion, reeds etc), Toshinori Kondo (trumpet etc)

Chadbourne, Eugene: I Talked to Death in Stereo (Leo: CDLR283/284)
Eugene Chadbourne (guitar, compositions) with various groups

Chamaeleo Vulgaris: Overture Facile (Leo: CD061)
Frederick Galiay (electric bass, live electronics, voice), Jean-Sebastien Mariage (guitar, electronics), Bertrand Denzler (tenor sax, microphone, effects), Gilbert Roggi (drums, percussion), Frank Vaillant (drums), Bertrand Perrin (sampler, piano), Simon Pillar (cello, one track only)

Chatham, Rhys: Hard Edge (The Wire Editions: 9002-2)
Rhys Chatham (trumpet), Lou Ciccotelli (percussion), Gary Jeff (bass guitar, electronics), Gary Smith (guitar), Pat Thomas (guitar, electronics) .

Vattel Cherry: Is it Because I'm Black? (Commercial Free Jazz: CFJC0002)
Vattel Cherry (bass, percussion, voice)

Cherry, Vattel: For Those Who Heal (Maraschino Music: No number)
F Vattel Cherry (bass), John Dierker (bass clarinet), Peter Hickey (bass), Blaise Siwula (alto sax), John Voigt (bass), Ras Chris (guitar, harmonica, bamboo fulte, percussion)

Cohn, Steve: Bridge over the X-Stream (Leo: CDLR288)
Steve Cohn (piano, shakuhachi, hichiriki, shofar, percussion), Reggie Workman (bass, percussion), Jason Hwang (violin), Tom Varner (French horn)

Cole, Bill: The Untempered Ensemble, Duets & Solos Vol 1 (Boxholder: BXH001 )
Bill Cole (reeds), Cooper-More (horizontal hoe-handle harp, diddley bow), Warren Smith (percussion), William Parker (bass, one track only)

Coleman, James: Zuihitsu (Sedimental: SEDCD30)
James Coleman (theremin), Greg Kelley (trumpet), Tatsuya Nakatani (percussion), Vic Rawlings (cello, sarangi, electronics), Bhob Rainey (saxophone), Liz Tonne (voice), The Undr Quartet.

Copeland, Darren: Rendu Visible (Diffusion i Media: IMED9841)
Darren Copeland (electronics).

Corbett, John and Heavy Friends: I'm Sick about my Hat (Atavistic: ALP1116CD)
John Corbett (guitars, montages, voice), Jane Baxter Miller (voice, one track only), Peter von Bergen (reeds, one track only), Jeb Bishop (trombone, one track only), Hamid Drake (percussion, one track only), David Grubbs (voice, one track only), Mats Gustafsson (reeds, voice), Terri Kapsalis (voice, one track only), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello).

Coxhill, Lol: Toverbal Sweet... Plus (Mushroom: SEECD480)
Lol Coxhill (reeds), Pierre Courbois (drums, percussion), Jasper Van't Hof (electric and acoustic pianos).

Coxhill, Lol: Alone and Together (Emanem: 4034)
Lol Coxhill (saxophones), Stevie Wishart (violin, hurdy gurdy), Marcio Mattos (cello, electronics) (one track only).

Dato, Carlo Actis: The Moonwalker (Leo: CDLR311)
Carlo Actis Dato (reeds) .

Marraffa, Edoardo: Solo (Bassesferec: BS005)
Edoardo Marraffa (tenor sax)

Day & Taxi: About (Percaso: 17)
Christoph Gallio (reeds), Dominique Girod (bass), Dieter Ulrich (drums).

Day & Taxi: Less and More (Percaso: UTR4121CD)
Christoph Gallio (saxophones), Dominique Girod (bass), Dieter Ulrich (drums)

Deane, J A: Out of Context (Zerx: 013)
J A Deane (conducting, electronics, bass flute), Stefan Dill (guitars), Steve Feld (euphonium). Tom Guralnick (soprano sax, electronics), Katie Harlow (cello), Rod Harrison (acting), Joseph Sabella (drums), Courtney Smith (harp), Alicia Ultan (viola), Jefferson Voorhees (drums), Mark Weaver (tuba)

DeCellis, Dan: Chamber Music (Sachimay: SCA9350)
Dan DeCellis (piano), James Coleman (theremin), Anita DeCellis (voice), Katt Fernandez (violin), Gary Fieldman (percussion)

DeCellis, Dan: With More than a Passing Interest (Sachimay: no number)
Dan deChellis (piano), Katt Hernandez (violin), Gary Fieldman (percussion), Anita deChellis (voice), James Coleman (theremin)

DeCellis, Dan and Philip Tomasic: As If To Remind Us (Sachimay: no number)
Dan deChellis (piano), Philip Tomasic (guitar)

Delbecq, Benoit: Pursuit (Songlines: SGL11529-2)
Benoit Delbecq (piano), Francois Houle (calrinet), Michael Moore (reeds), Jean-Jacques Avenel (bass), Steve Arguelles (drums, electronics), Marc Ducret (guitar, one track only)

Denzler, Bertrand: Y? (Leo Lab : CD053)
Bertrand Denzler (tenor sax), Benoit Delbecq (piano and prepared piano), Helene Labarriere (bass), Norbert Pfammatter (drums and percussion)

Deplete Coitus (no label)
Taylor Carrasco (compositions)

Derendinger, Ueli : San Ya (Percaso Productions : 14)
Ueli Derendinger (shakuhachi)

Denmark's Intuitive Music Conference 1997 (Av-Art: DIMC001)
Claus Bech-Nielsen (Accordian), Carl Bergstøm-Nielsen (French horn, voice), Frank Heisler (percussion), Helene Jerg (cello), René Morgenseen (saxophones), Nisima Marie Munk-Madsen (flute), Gerhard Pischinger (flute), Henrik Rasmussen (penny whistle), Robert Cole Rizzi (guitar), Johan Toft (marimba), Ivan Vinzce (viola), Kumi Wakoo (swanee whistle, voice).

Denmark's Intuitive Music Conference 1998 (Mesostics: MESCD0006)
Carl Bergstom-Nielsen (french horn, voice, penny whistle, percussion), Henrik Ehland Rasmussen (recorder, percussion, kalimba, voice), Frank Hiesler (percussion), Helene Jerg (cello, voice), Johan Toft (marimba), Ivan Vincze (viola), Kumi Wakao (violin, voice)

Diaz-Infante, Ernesto and Chris Forsyth: Left & Right (Bottom Feeder/Pax: BF04/PR90227)
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (guitar), Chris Forsyth (guitar).

Diaz-Infante, Ernesto and Chris Forsyth: Wires and Wooden Boxes (Pax: EE03/PR90252)
Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Chris Forsyth (guitar, piano, little instruments)

Diaz-Infante, Ernesto: Ucross Journal (Bottom Feeder/Pax: BF04/PR90249)
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (piano).

Diaz-Infante, Ernesto: Solus (Pax Recordings: PR90250)
Ernesto Diaz-Infante (piano)

Dolmen Orchestra: Sequenze Armoniche (Leo Records: CDLR291)
Pino Melfi (trumpet), Marco Sannini (trumpet), Alfredo Sette (trumpet), France Angiulo (trumbone), Michele Marrano (french horn), Nino Bisceglie (tuba), Paola Cicolella (flute), Nicola Puntillo (clarinets), Vittorio Gallo (sax), Felice Mezzina (sax), Gaetano Partipilo (sax), Pasquale Gadaleta (bass), Antonio Dambrosio (drums), Aldo Bagnoni (percussion), Armanda Desider (percussion), Linda Bsiri (voice, sea trumpet), Michel Godard (tuba, serpent), John Surman (sax), Nicola Pisani (conducting), Vico Miloli (trumpet, one track only), Enrico Del Gaudio (percussion, one track only), Giovannangelo De Gennaro (voice)

Doneda, Michel: Anatomie des Clefs (Potlatch : P598)
Michel Doneda (soprano sax)

Dorner/Lonberg-Holm/Zerang: Claque (Meniscus: MNSCS006)
Axel Dorner (trumpet), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello), Michael Zerang (percussion, tubaphone)

Duval, Dominic: Equinox (Leo: CDLR267)
Dominic Duval (bass, mallets, piano, cymbal, voice), Tomas Ulrich (cello, voice, whistle), Michael Jefry Stevens (piano, mallets).

Duval, Dominic: Asylem (Leo: CDLR316)
Dominic Duval (bass, electronics), Herb Robertson (trumpet, little instruments), Bob Hovey (trombone, turntable, voice), Jay Rosen (percussion)

Duval, Dominic with the CT String Quartet: Under the Pyramid (Leo: CDLR279)
Dominic Duval (bass), Tomas Ulrich (cello), Jason Hwang (violin), Ron Lawrence (viola)

Duval, Dominic and Joe McPhee: The Dream Book (Cadence: CJR1105)
Joe McPhee (alto sax, trumpet), Dominic Duval (bass).

Duval, Dominic String Ensemble: Live in Concert (Cadence: CJR1097)
Jason Hwang (violin), Tomas Ulrich (cello), Dominic Duval (bass), Joe McPhee (tenor sax, trumpet), Mark Whitecage (reeds).

Duval/Heward/McPhee: Undersound (Leo: CDLR295)
Dominic Duval (bass), John Heward (percussion), Joe McPhee (soprano sax)

Faaet/Deane: Grand Cross Eclipse (Zerx: 024)
Al Faaet (drums), J A Deane (trombone, electronics, standing waves, bass flute)

Falascone, Massimo: Bordogna -- 15 (Quasi) Solo Improvisations (Takla : TAKLA1)
Massimo Falascone (saxophones, tugombuto), Leonardo Falascone (objects, one track only)

Falascone, Monico & Locatelli: Takla Makan (CMC: 9970-2)
Massimo Falascone (reeds), Giancarlo Locatelli (clarinets), Filippo Monico (drums), Simonetta Artuso (voice), Fabrizio Spera (drums), Barre Phillips (bass)

Fei, James: Solo Works (Leo Lab : CD059)
James Fei (reeds)

Fei, James: For Saxophone with Card Reed and Gated Amplification/Camptown Races 1 (Organised Sound Recordings: no number)
James Fei (reeds)

Feigin/Hlltgren/Smith: They Are We Are (Leo Lab: CD071)
Misha Feigin (guitar), Craig Hultgren (cello), LaDonna Smith (violin)

Feigin, Misha: Both Kinds of Music (Leo Lab: CD060)
Misha Feigin (balalaika, classical guitar), in duet with Elliot Sharp (dobro), Davey Williams (electric guitar), LaDonna Smith (violin, dancing on a woden box), Craig Hultgren (cello), Eugene Chadbourne (banjo, guitar)

Fell, Simon H: Compilation III: Composition No 30 (Bruce's Fingers: BF27)
Simon H Fell (Bass), Charles Wharf (reeds), John Butcher (reeds), Mick Beck (tenor sax), Alan Wilkinson (baritone sax), Mark Wastell (cello), Stefan Jaworzyn (guitar), Colin Medlock (guitar), Damien Bowskill (guitar), Rhodri Davies (harp), Orphy Robinson (vibes), Paul Hession (drums), Mark Sanders (drums), RNCM big band (dir. Clark Rundell), Anglia X Ensemble (dir. SHF).

Fell, Simon H and Charles Wharf: Frankenstein (Bruce's Fingers: BF25)
Simon H Fell (Bass), Charles Wharf (reeds).

Fernandez, Agusti and Christoph Irmer: Ebro Delta (Hybrid: CD18)
Agusti Fernandez (piano), Christoph Irmer (violin)

Fiedler/Koen/Ware: 110 Bridge St (CIMP: 185)
Joe Fiedler (trombone), Ben Koen (reeds), Ed Ware (drums)

FJQ (RM: RM001)
Ntshuks Bonga (alto sax), Alfredo Genovesi (guitar), Jerry Bird (bass), Robin Musgrove (drums).

Fonda, Joe & Xu Fengxia: Distance (Leo Lab: CD069)
Joe Fonda (bass, voice), Xu Fengxia (guzheng, voice)

Fonda-Stevens Group: Live at the Bunker (Leo: CDLR301)
Joe Fonda (bass), Michael Jefry Stevens (piano), Paul SMoker (trumpet), Harvey Sorgen (drums)

Foussat, Jean-Marc: Nouvelles (Potlatch: P301)
Jean-Marc Foussat (compositions, tapes, keyboards, voice etc), F Pastorelli (voice), P Bouscaillou (bass), M Bohy (percussion), J Berrocal (trumpet), J-F Pauvros (guitar), R Turner (voice)

Fred Frith Guitar Quartet (Ambiances Magnetiques: AM063CD)
Fred Frith, Mark Stewart, Nick Didkovsky, Rene Lussier (guitars).

Ganelin Trio: Con Affetto (Golden Years of New Jazz : GY2)
Vyacheslav Ganelin (piano, horns, percussion, little instruments), Vladimir Tarasov (percussion, horn), Vladimir Chekasin (reeds, percussion)

Ganelin Trio: Poco-a-Poco (Leo: CDLR101)
Vyacheslav Ganelin (piano, basset horn, dulcimer, guitar), Vladimir Tarasov (drums), Vladimir Chekasin (reeds, wooden flutes, ocarina, voice)

Ganelin Trio: Strictly For Our Friends (Golden Years of New Jazz: GY13)
Vyacheslav Ganelin (piano), Vladimir Tarasov (drums), Vladimir Chekasin (reeds) .

Geerken Tchicai Moye: Cassava Balls (Golden Years of New Jazz : GY4)
Hartmut Geerken (piano, percussion, little instruments etc), john Tchicai (reeds, percussion), Famoudou Don Moye (percussion)

Gelb, Philip: Between/Waves(Sparkling Beatnik: SBR0006)
Philip Gelb (shakuhachi), Pauline Oliveros (accordion, conch), Jon Raskin (saxophones), Dana Reason (piano), Chris Brown (electronics).

Gies, Joachim: Different Distances (Leo Lab: CD052)
Duets with Ute Doring (voice), Alex Nowitz (voice, electronics), Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky (alto sax), Thomas Wiedermann (trombone), Thomas Bohm-Christl (cello).

Gies, Joachim: Whispering Blue (Leo Lab: CD074)
Joachim Gies (reeds)

Glass Onion (GO: GO1)
Fabien Duscombs (percussion), Vincent Ferrand (bass, voice), Pascal Pourre (guitar, voice), Claire Suhubiette-Ferrand (voice, piano), Fabien Vergez (sax) - *SORRY - this file is unavailable!

Goldstein and Wilson: Monsun (True Muze: TUMUCD9801)
Malcolm Goldstein (violin), Peter Niklas Wilson (bass)

Golia, Vinny: Clarient (Meniscus: 008)
Vinny Golia (clarinet)

Goodheart, Matthew: Songs from the Time of Great Questioning (Meniscus: MNSCS001)
Matthew Goodheart (piano)

Granelli, Jerry: Enter, a Dragon (Songlines: SGL1523-2)
Chris Speed (clarinet, tenor sax), Peter Epstein (soprano and alto sax), Briggan Krauss (alto sax), Curtis Hasselbring (trombone), Jamie Saft (keys, guitar), J Anthony Granelli (bass), Jerry Granelli (drums)

Gratowski/Graewe/Lovens: Quicksand (Meniscus: 007)
Frank Gratkowski (reeds), Georg Graewe (piano), Paul Lovens (percussion)

Guyvoronsky and Petrova: Chonyi Together (Leo: CDLR268)
Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky (trumpet), Evelin Petrova (accordion).

Hall, Glen: Hallucinations (Leo: CDLR273)
Glen Hall (reeds, electronics, voice), Roswell Rudd (trombone), Nilan Perara (guitar), John Lennard (drums), Rob Clutton (bass), Barry Elmes (drums), John Gzowski (stringed instruments), Georgie McDonald (percussion), Judith Merrill (voice), Allan Molnar (vibes, marimba, tapes), Kim Ratcliff (guitars, banjo), Don Thompson (bass, piano)

Hall, Glen and Outsource: The Roswell Incident (Leo: CDLR313)
Glen Hall (reeds, electronics), Roswell Rudd (trumbone), Allan Molnar (vibes), Michael Morse (bass), Michael Occhipinti (guitar, banjo), Banjo Barry Romberg (drums)

Halliwell, Graham and Simon H Fell: Nine Points in Ascent (Bruce's Fingers: BF24)
Graham Halliwell (reeds), Simon H Fell (Bass).

Haunted House: Up in Flames (Erstwhile: 002)
Loren Mazzacane Connors (guitar), Suzanne Langille (voice), Andrew Burnes (guitar), Neel Murgai (daf).

High Desert Duo: Inside the Landscape (Zerx: 026)
Kurt Heyl (trombone, voice, cornet, percussion), Dave Nielsen(drums, reeds, vibes, percussion)

Hodgekinson, Tim: Pragma (Recommended Records: TH1)
Tim Hodgekinson (composition) -- various performers.

Homo-Genetic Arsonist: Fuck Theory... Just Play, Goddamit (Unsound Automatic : UACD008)
Miggy Harries (guitar, vocals), Dafydd Harris (keyboards, guitar), Bill Bargefoot (bass), Rick Dragger (drums), The Jelly-bean King (drums)

Homo-Genetic Arsonist: The Proverbial Flaming Domicile (Unsound Automatic: UACD014)
Mig Harries (vocals, guitar, drums), Peredur Gwladus (bass), Manwell Greig (keyboards), Dafydd Harries (keyboards), Rick Dragger (drums, vocals)

Hopper, Kev: Spoombung (Thoofa: THOOFA1)
Kev Hopper (bass guitar, musical saw, electronics), Ian Smith (trumpet, flugelhorn), Adam Brett (sampler), Charles Heyward (bells), John Butcher (saxophones).

Hopper, Kev: Whispering Foils (Duophonic Super 45s: DS45-CD26)
Kev Hopper (bass, saw, samples), Janie Armour (accordian, organ), Charles Hayward (cymbals), Dominic Murcott (percussion), Sean O'Hagan (guitar, voice), Andrea Spain (clarinets), Ian Smith (flugelhorn, trumpet)

Horn/Kendig/Dickey: Screwdriver! (Leo Lab: CD051)
Walter Horn (keyboards), Gary Kendig (drums), Hugh Dickey (guitar, clarinet), Eric Hipp (tenor sax).

Hotz, Gregor: Solo (FMP: OWN90012)
Gregor Hotz (reeds), Nicholas Bussman (cello)

Houle, Francois: In the Vernacular (Songlines: SGL1522-2)
Francois Houle (clarinet), Dave Douglas (trumpet), Peggy Lee (cello), Mark Dresser (bass), Dylan van der Schyff (drums)

Houle, Francois and Benoit Delbecq: Nancali (Songlines: SGL1519-2)
Francois Houle (clarinet), Banoit Delbecq (piano)

Hubbub: Ub/Abu (For4Ears: No Number)
Frederic Blondy (piano), Bertrand Denzler (tenor sax), Jean-luc Guionnet (reeds), Jean-Sebastien Mariage (guitar), Edward Perraud (drums)

Huber, Klaus: Al Fresco: Bilder Keiner Ausstellung (Unit: UTR4103)
Klaus Huber (Piano). *SORRY - this file is unavailable!

Hume, Carolyn & Paul May: By Lakes Abandoned (Leo Lab: CD077)
Carolyn Hume (piano, keyboards, recorder), Paul May (drums), Duke Garwood (clarinets), Sonja Galsworthy (voice, one track only)

Icarus (FMR: CD15-V11298)
Philipp Wachsmann (violin, electronics), Roger Curphy (double bass), Mark Wastell (cello), Carol Ann Jackson (voice), Trevor Taylor (percussion, electronics).

Isbin, Gilbert: Soloworks(Tonesetters: TS003)
Gilbert Isbin (guitar).

Isbin, Gilbert: plays Nick Drake (Traurige Tropfen: 008)
Gilbert Isbin (guitar).

Iskra 1903: Chapter One, 1970-2 (Emanem: CDLR287)
Paul Rutherford (trombone, piano), Derek Bailey (guitar), Barry Guy (bass)

IST: Anagrams to Avoid (Siwa: SIWA#3)
Rhodri Davis (harp), Simon H Fell (bass), Mark Wastell (cello).

IST: Consequences of Time and Space (Confront: FRONT04)
Rhodri Davis (harp), Simon H Fell (bass), Mark Wastell (cello).
[Reviewed with "Anagrams to Avoid"]

IST: Ghost Notes (Bruce's Fingers: BF28)
Rhodri Davies (harp), Mark Wastell (cello), Simon H Fell (bass)

Italian Instabile Orchestra: Italian Instabile Festival (Leo: CDLR262/263)
Carlo Actis Dato (reeds), Luca Calabrese (trumpet), Daniele Cavallanti (reeds), Eugenio Colombo (reeds), Paolo Daamiani (cello, bass), Renato Geremia (various), Martin Mayes (French horn), Guido Mazzon (trumpet), Vincenzo Mazzone (drums), Pino Minafra (trumpet), Umberto Petrin (piano), Enrico Rava (trumpet), Lauro Rossi (trombone), Giancarlo Schiaffini (brass instruments, electronics), Mario Schiano (reeds, voice), Bruno Tommaso (bass), Tiziano Tononi (percussion), Sebi Tramontana (trombone, electronics), Gianluigi Trovessi (reeds).

Ivanovich: Solo Guitar (Amish Records: ami011)
Chuck Johnson (guitars)

Chris Jonas: The Sun Spits Cherries (Hopscotch: Hop4)
Chris Jonas (soprano sax), Joe Fiedler (tenor trombone), Chris Washburne (bass trombone), Andrew Barker (percussion)

Kahn, Jason: Drums and Metals (Cut: CUT003)
Jason Kahn (percussion)

Kaiser, Jeff & Ernesto Diaz-Infante: Pith Balls and Inclined Planes (Pfmentum: CD005)
Jeff Kaiser (trumpet, flugelhorn, electronics, voice), Ernesto Diaz-Infante (guitar, voice)

Kang/van der Schyff/Houle: Pieces of Time (Spool: SPL104)
Eyvind Kang (violin), Francois Houle (clarinet), Dylan van der Schyff (drums)

Karayorgis, Pandelis: Heart and Sack (Leo Lab: CD048)
Pandelis Karayorgis (piano), Nate McBride (bass), Randy Peterson (drums).

Karayorgis, Pandelis: Blood Ballad (Leo: CDLR325)
Pandelis Karayorgis (piano), Nate McBride (bass), Randy Peterson (drums) .

Kaufmann, Achim: Double Exposure (Leo Records: CDLR289)
Michael Moore (reeds), John Schroder (guitar), John Hollenbeck (drums), Achim Kaufmann (piano)

Kelley, Greg: Trumpet (Meniscus: MNSCS009)
Greg Kelley (trumpet)

Kennel, Hans and John Wolf Brennan: Pipelines (Leo Records: CDLR292)
Hans Kennel (trumpet, alphorn), John Wolf Brennan (pipe organ), Marc Unternahrer (tuba)

Kimmig, Harald: Im Freien (Hybrid CD15)
Harald Kimmig (violin)

Klapper/Ulher/Morgenstern: Momentaufnahmen (Nur Nicht Nur: CD1001030)
Martin Klapper (toys, electronics), Birgit Ulher (trumpet), Jurgen Morgenstern (bass, voice)

Kristoff K Roll & Xavier Charles: La Piece (Potlatch: HO2)
Jean-Christophe Camps (electroacoustic devices), Carole Rieussec (electroacoustic devices), Xavier Charles (clarinet)

Henry Kuntz: One One & One (Hummingbird CD2/3)
Henry Kuntz (reeds), Don Marvel (electronics)

Kyhl, Christian and Peter Friis Nielsen: Ping Pong (Av-Art: AACD1007/1008)
Christian Kyhl (reeds), Peter Friis Nielsen (bass guitar)

Kucan, Vlatko: Live at Palo-Palo (True Muze: TUMUCD9803)
Vlatko Kucan (reeds), Tomasz Stanko (trumpet), Michael Danner (trombone, tuba), Jay Oliver (bass), Bill Elgart (drums)

Lansky, Paul: Conversation Pieces (Bridge: BRIDGE9083)
Lansky (piano, synths, composition).

Lantner, Steve and Mat Maneri: Reaching (Leo Lab: CD062)
Steve Lantner (pianos), Mat Maneri (violin).

Lantner/Maneri/Morris: Voices Lowered (Leo: CDLR317)
Steve Lantner (piano), Joe Maneri (reeds), Joe Morris (guitar)

Larner/Hikage/Gelb: Indistancing (Leo Lab : CD055)
Brett Larner (koto), Shoko Hikage (koto), Philip Gelb (shakuhachi)

LePage, Robert & Martin Tetreault: Callas: La Diva et Le Vivyle (Ambiances Magnetiques: AM059CD)
Robert M Lepage (clarinet), Martin Tetreault (turntables) - *SORRY - this file is unavailable!

Leandre, Joelle: The Joelle Leandre Project (Leo: CDLR287)
Joelle Leandre (bass), Marilyn Crispell (piano), Paul Lovens (drums), Richard Teitelbaum (electronics), Carlos Zingazo (violin)

Leandre, Joelle and Sebi Tramontana: E'Vero (Leo: CDLR275)
Joelle Leandre (bass, voice), Sebi Tramontana (trombone)

Leandre, Joelle and Danielle Roger: Tricotage (Ambiances Magnetiques: AM078CD)
Joelle Leandre (bass, voice), Danielle P Roger (percussion)

Leandre, Joelle & Giorgio Occhipinti: Incandescences (Tonesetters: TS007)
Joelle Leandre (bass), Giorgio Occhipinti (piano)

LEGO: Kneel Down like a Saint Gorilla and Stop (2:13 Music: CD003)
The London Electric Guitar Orchestra (guitars and compositions).

Leimgruber, Urs: Blue Log (For4Ears: CDNR1137)
Urs Leimgruber (saxophones)

Leimgruber/Crispell/Leandre/Hauser: Quartet Noir (Les Disques Victo: cd067)
Urs Leimgruber (saxophones), Marilyn Crispell (piano), Joelle Leandre (bass), Fritz Hauser (drums).

LePage, Robert and Martin Tetreault: Callas: La Diva et le Vinyle (Ambiances Magnetiques:AM059CD)
Robert M LePage (clarinet), Martin Tetreault (turntables). - *SORRY - this file is unavailable!

Libera Società di Improvvasazione: Al Màlaiko Noskçma (Leo Lab: CD050)
Antonella Talamonti (direction), Vincenzo Appolloni, Alberto Berettini, Alessandro Campioni, Sandra Coronei, Patrizia De Ruvo, Daniela D'Ottavi, Manuela Giovannelli, Xavier Rebut, Fili= Sotiraki, Lucia Staccone, Antonella Talamonti, Piergiorgio Terzi (all voices).

London Improvisors Orchestra: Proceedings (Leo: CDLR279)
Steve Beresford, Kaffe Matthews, Evan Parker, Dave Tucker, Caroline Kraabel, Simon H Fell, Phillip Wachsmann, Rhodri Davies, Chris Burn and Adam Bohman (compositions)

Lopez, Ramon: Eleven Drums Songs (Leo Lab: CD044)
Ramon Lopez (percussion).

Lopez, Ramon: Songs of the Spanish Civil War (Leo: CDLR299)
Daunik Lazro (saxphones), Tierry Madiot (bass trombone), Paul Rogers (bass), Benat Achiary (voice), Ramon Lopez (drums) - *SORRY - this file is unavailable!

Love Cry Want: Love Cry Want (Newjazz.com: NJC001)
Nicholas (guitar), Joe Gallivan (perc, keyboards), Jimmy Molneiri (perc), Larry Young (organ).

Locatelli & Braida: Diciannove Calefazioni (Takla: TAKLA2)
Giancarlo Locatelli (clarinets), Alberto Braida (piano)

Lussier, Rene: Chronicle of a Genocide Foretold (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Rene Lussier (compositions).

Lussier, Rene and Martin Tetreault: Dur Noyau Dur (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Rene Lussier (guitar), Martin Tetreault (electronics).

Maltese, Stefano, and Open Sound Ensemble: Living Alive (Leo: CDLR265)
Stefano Maltese (reeds), Arkady Shilkloper (French horn, flugelhorn), Sophia Dominacich (piano), Paul Rogers (bass), Antonio Moncada (percussion), Gioconda Cilio (voice, percussion).

Maneri, Joe: The Trio Concerts (Leo: CDLR307/308)
Joe Maneri (reeds, piano), Mat Maneri (violina, viola), Randy Peterson

Maroney, Denman: Hyperpiano (Mon$ey Music: No number)
Denman Maroney (piano)

Marraffa, Edoardo: Solo (Bassesferec: BS005)
Edoardo Marraffa (tenor sax)

Marsh/Franklin/Crowther: Shell of Certainty (Visionlogic: VLG101)
Steve Franklin (keyboards), Tim Crowther (guitar, guitar synth), Tony March (drums).

Martini, Fabio: Circadiana Clangori (Leo Lab: CD045)
Fabio Martini (clarinet), Giancarlo Locatelli (clarinet), Massimo Falascone (saxophones), Sergio Notari (English horn), Marina Ciccarelli (trombone), Luca Venitucci (accordion), Angelo Avogadri (guitar), Luciano Margorani (guitar), Tito Mangialajo Rantzer (bass), Filippo Monico (percussion), Fabrisio Spera (percussion).

Martini, Fabio: Intrio (Takla: TAKLA3)
Fabio Martini (clarinets), Tito Mangialajo Rantzer (bass, first half only), Domenico Sciajno (bass, electronics, second half only), Carlo Virzi (percussion, first half only), Ruggero Radaele (percussion, second half only)

Master Class: Mindgarden (Unsound Automatic: UACD009)
Derrug Claptona (guitar, vocals), Fred Bansen (keyboards, vocals), Bo "Porn" Craddock (drums), Baru Harrison (bass), Dawn craddock (keyboards)

Mazzone, Vincenzo: Ping Pong (Leo Lab : CD056)
Vincenzo Mazzone (percussion), Antonio Di Lorenzo (percussion), Lello Patruno (percussion), Giuseppe Tria (percussion), Giuseppe Berardi (percussion), Maurizio De Robertis (percussion), Ivan Mancinelli (percussion), Domenico De Palma (percussion), Simone Salvatorelli (percussion), Daniele Patumi (bass), Carlo Actis Dato (reeds), Giorgio Occhipinti (piano), Sandro Satta (alto sax), Pino Minafra (trumpet), Lauro Rossi (trombone).

Mehta, Rajesh: Orka (Hatology: 524)
Rajesh Mehta (trumpet), Paul Lovens (percussion)

Mehta, Rajesh: Window Shopping (True Muze: TUMUCD9802)
Rajesh Mehta (trumpet), Felicity Provan (trumpet, voice), Alan Purves (drums), Paul Southamer (cello), Tom Fryer (guitar)

Middletown Creative Orchestra: 10.6.97(Newsonic: 6)
Jenna Alden (tenor sax), Josh Blair (percussion), Dan Gilbert (electric guitar), Jesse Kudler (theremin), Rachel Thompson (viola), David Novak (bassoon, melodica), Johnathon Zorn (bass), Seth Dillinger (electric guitar), Jackson More (alto saxophone), Eric Ronick (melodica, piano), Anne Hege (flute), James Fei (bass clarinet), Seth Misterka (alto sax), Rafael Cohen (oboe), Peter Cafarella (accordion), Karen Correa (viola).

Middletown Creative Orchestra: 4.11.98 and 4.30.98(Newsonic: 9)
Seth Dellinger (voice, objects), Edward Kasparek (percussion), Richard McGhee (soprano sax), Seth Misterka (alto sax), Jackson Moore (reeds), Jessica Pavone (viola), Amanda Youngman (clarinet), Johnathon Zorn (bass, accordion, slide whistle), Jenna Alden (tenor saxophone), Josh Blair (percussion), Peter Cafarella (accordion, piano), Josephine Conover (viola), Dan Gartner (voice, piano), Anne Hedge (voice), Chris Jonas (tenor saxophone), Jesse Kudler (electric guitar, objects), Juliana Mastronunzio (voice), Phloyd Starploi (trombone), Yosuke Oshima (oboe).
[Reviewed with "10.6.97"]

Middletown Creative Orchestra: Crystal Lake(Newsonic: 12)
Marc Burns (keyboards), Peter Cafarella (accordion), Rafael Cohen (oboe), Seth Dillinger (bass), Van Green (bass), Edward Kasparek (percussion), Jesse Kudler (theremin), Chris Matthay (trumpet), Richard McGhee (reeds), Seth Misterka (alto sax), Jackson Moore (reeds), Jessica Pavone (violin), Phloyd Starpoli (trombone), Dortha Willets (dulcimer), Johnathon Zorn (viola).
[Reviewed with "10.6.97"]

Middletown Three: Nine Compositions(Newsonic: 6)
Seth Misterka (alto sax, electric guitar), Jackson Moore (reeds), Jonathon Zorn (bass)

Minton, Phil: A Doughnut in Both Hands (Emanem: 4026)
Phil Minton (voice)

Misere et Cordes: Au Ni Kita (Potlatch: P101)
Pascal Battus, Emmanuel Petit, Dominique Repecaud, Camel Zekri (guitars)

Misterka, Seth: MOH (Newsonic: 17)
Seth Misterka (saxophones, samples)

Modisti: Signoise(CEDI: 8)
Belma Martin (voice, wind objects), Pedro Lopez (objects, sampling, tapes).

Mota, Manuel: For Your Protection Why Don't You Just Paint Yourself Real Good Like An Indian (Headlights: H04)
Manuel Mota (guitar), Margarida Garcia (bass)

Nabatov, Simon: Nature Morte (Leo: CDLR310)
Phil Minton (voice), Frank Gratkowski (reeds), Nils Wogram (trombone), Simon Nabatov (piano) - *SORRY - this file is unavailable!

Namchylak/Hirsch/Bott: Temenos (Soundtrack) (Leo: CDLR303)
Sainkho Namchylak (voice), Shelley Hirsch (voice), Catherine Bott (voice), Nina Danino (spoken word), Pavio Besnosiuk (vielles), Sandra des Neves Pereira (voice)

Natraj: Deccan Dance (Galloping Goat: GGCD-3424)
Phil Scarff (saxophones), Mat Maneri (electric violin), Michael Rivard (bass), Jerry Leake (percussion), Bertram Lehmann (percussion)

Neumann, Andrew: No Fly Zone (Sublingual: SLR003)
Andrew Neumann (synthesisers, sampler)

Niblock, Phil: Music by Phil Niblock (Experimental Intermedia Foundation: XI111)
Soldier String Quartet, Eberhard Blum (bass flute), Susan Stenger (flute)

Noble, Williams, Marshall: Flathead Reunion (Leo: CDLR247)
Steve Noble (drums, turntables), Davey Williams (guitar), Oren Marshall (electric tuba).

Nodwell, Mark: (Co)incidents (Songlines: SGL1527-2)
Mark Nodwell (soprano sax), Eyvind Kang (viola), Francois Houle (clarinet), Khabu Doug Young (guitar), Masayoshi John Anzai (bass), Jack Kaham (drums) - *SORRY - this file is unavailable!

Norton, Kevin: Knots (Music and Arts: CD1033)
Bob DeBellis (reeds), David Bindman (reeds), David Krakauer (clarinet), Tomas Ulrich (cello), Joe Fonda (bass), Kevin Norton (drums)

Norton, Kevin: For Guy Debord (in Nine Events) (Barking Hoop: BKH001)
Anthony Braxton (reeds), Bob DeBellis (reeds), David Bindman (reeds), Tomas Ulrich (cello), Joe Fonda (bass), Kevin Norton (drums)

Not Missing Drums Project: Urban Voices (Leo Lab: PPCD001)
Joelle Leandre, Uschi Brunning and big band.

Not Missing Drums Project: Offline Adventures (Leo Lab : CD057)
Margarete Huber (voice), Magreth Kammerer (voice), Alex Nowitz (voice), Wolfgang Ritthof (voice), Enrst-Ludwig Petrowsky (reeds), Joachim Gies (reeds), Jurgen Kupke (clarinet), Rudi Mahall (bass clarinet), Elisabeth Bohm-Christl (bassoon, double bassoon), Axel Dorner (trumpet), Thomas Wiedermann (trombone), Aleks Kolkowski (violin), Wolfram Korr (violin), Thomas Bohm-Christl (cello), Gesine Conrad (cello), Matthias Bauer (bass, voice), Gerold Genssler (bass), Hartwig Nickola (bass), Bardo Hennig (piano), Andrea Neumann (piano).

One King Poets: Major Wood (Fragile Noise: CD99FN50)
Mike Walter (saxophones), Paul Shearsmith (trumpet, trombone), Giles Perring (electric guitar), Jerry Bird (bass), Robin Musgrove (drums)

Opeye: Moss 'Comes Silk (Hummingbird: CD1)
Henry Kuntz, Ben Lindgren, Brian Godchaux, Esten Lindgren, John Kuntz (all various instruments)

Osso Exotico: Church Organ Works (Sonoris: SON-03)
Patrician Machas, David Maranha, Andre Maranha (organ), Bernardo Devlin (voice, one track only)

Pago Libre (L & R: CDLR45105)
Tscho Theissing (violin), Arkady Shilkloper (french horn), John Wolf Brennan (piano), Daniele Patumi (bass)

Pago Libre: Wake Up Call (Leo: CDLR272)
Tscho Theissing (violin, voice), Arkady Shilkloper (french horn, flugelhorn), John Wolf Brennan (piano, melodica), Daniele Patumi (bass)

Panhuysen, Paul: Partitas for Long Strings (Experimental Intermedia Foundation: XI122)
Paul Panhuysen (long strings)

Parker, Evan: Waterloo, 1985 (Emanem : 4035)
Evan Parker (saxophones), Steve Beresford (piano), John Edwards (bass), Louis Moholo (percussion).

Parker, Evan: Foxes Fox (Emanem : 4030)
Evan Parker (saxophones), Paul Rutherford (trombone), Hans Schneider (bass), Paul Lytton (drums).

Parker, Evan: The Ayes Have It (Emanem: 4055)
Evan Parker (saxophones), Paul Rogers (bass), Jamie Muir (percussion), Wolter Wierbos (trombone), Mark Sanders (percussion)

Parker, Evan: 2 x 3 = 5 (Leo: CDLR305)
Evan Parker (saxophones), Alex von Schlippenbach (piano), Barry Guy (bass), Paul Lovens (drums), Paul Lytton (drums)

Parker, Evan and Ned Rothenberg: Monkey Puzzle (Leo: CDLR247)
Evan Parker (saxophones), Ned Rothenberg (saxophones). - *SORRY - this file is unavailable!

Parker, Evan and Keith Rowe: Dark Rags (Potlatch: P200)
Evan Parker (tenor sax), Keith Rowe (guitar)

Parker, Evan and Richard Nunns: Rangigua (Leo: CDLR314)
Evan Parker (saxophones), Richard Nunns (taonga puoro)

Parker, Evan and Patrick Scheyder (Leo: CDLR326)
Evan Parker (saxophones), Patrick Scheyder (piano)

Parker/Guy/Lytton/Crispell: After Appleby (Leo: CDLR283/284)
Evan Parker (saxophones), Barry Guy (bass), Paul Lytton (drums), Marilyn Crispell (piano)

Pavone, Mario: Remembering Thomas (Knitting Factory Records: KFR257)
Mario Pavone (bass), Peter Madsen (piano), Matt Wilson (drums).

Perelman, Ivo: Brazilian Watercolour (Leo: CDLR266)
Ivo Perelman (tenor sax, recorder, piano), Matthew Shipp (piano), Rashied Ali (drums), Guillherme Franco (percussion, wooden flute), Cyro Baptista (percussion, wooden flute).

Perelman, Ivo: Sieiro (Leo: CDLR271)
Ivo Perelman (tenor sax, tenor trombivo), Tomas Ulrich (cello), Dominic Duval (bass), Jay Rosen (drums)

Perelman, Ivo and Jay Rosen: The Hammer (Leo: CDLR286)
Ivo Perelman (saxophones), Jay Rosen (drums)

Perelman, Ivo: The Eye Listens (Boxholder: BXH012)
Ivo Perelman (reeds), Wilbur Morris (bass), Michael Wimberley (drums)

Perelman, Ivo: The Seven Energies of the Universe (Leo Lab: CD309)
Ivo Perelman (tenor sax), Joseph Scianni (piano), Jay Rosen (drums)

Petit, Didier: NOHC on the Road (Leo Records: CD065)
Daunik Lazro (saxophones), Denis Colin (bass clarinet), Michael Nick (violin), Didier Petit (cello, voice)

Phantom City: Shiva Recoil: Live/Unlive (Virgin: AMBT21)
Paul Schutze (keyboards and tapes), Raoul Björkenheim (guitar), Toshinori Kondo (trumpet), Alex Buess (bass clarinet), Bill Laswell (bass), Dirk Wachtelaer (drums).

Plimley, Paul & Trichy Sankaran: Ivory Ganesh meets Doctor Drums (Songlines: SGL1523-2)
Paul Plimley (piano), Trichy Sankaran (mrdangam, kanjira)

Poison Cabinet: Dark Embrace (General Ear: GE4)
Louise Petts (sax, voice, synth), David Petts (sax, synth).

Ponga (Loosegroove: lgoo18-2)
Wayne Horvitz (keyboards), Bobby Previte (drums), Skerik (sax), Dave Palmer (keyboards)

Poulsen/Nielsen/Moholo: Copenhagen (Av-Art: AACD1010)
Hasse Poulsen (guitar), Peter Friis Nielsen (bass), Louis Moholo (drums)

Praxis: Transmutation Live (Douglas: ADC5)
Bill Laswell (bass), Buckethead (guitar), Brain (drums) with DJs.

Prevost, Eddie: Continuum + (Matchless: MRCD07)
Larry Stabbins (saxophones), Veryan Weston (piano), Marcio Mattos (bass), Eddie Prevost (drums).

Prevost, Eddie and Veryan Weston: Concert, V (Matchless: MRCD37)
Veryan Weston (piano), Eddie Prevost (drums).

Protruberance: Treated and Released (Zerx: 019)
Paul Pulaski (guitar), Mark Weaver (tuba), Dave Wayne (drums)

PUT: Umlaut (Nur Nicht Nur: CD1000425)
Birgit Ulher (trumpet), Ulrich Phillipp (bass), Roger Turner (percussion)

Radioactive Sparrow: We're Breaking Through (Unsound Automatic: UACD004)
Bill Bargefoot, Tony Gage, Richard Bowers, Chris Hartford (guitars, vocals, keyboards etc)

Radioactive Sparrow: Live and Let Off (Unsound Automatic: UACD005)
Bill Bargefoot, Tony Gage, Richard Bowers (guitars, vocals, keyboards, drum machines etc)

Remote Viewers, The: Obliques before Pale Skin (Leo Lab: CD063)
Adrian Northover (saxes), Louise Petts (sax, voice, synth), David Petts (sax, synth).

Remote Viewers, The: Low Shapes in Dark Heat (Leo Lab: CD049)
Adrian Northover (saxes), Louise Petts (sax, voice, synth), David Petts (sax, synth).

Remote Viewers, The: Persuasive With Aliens (Leo Lab: CD067)
Adrian Northover (soprano sax), Louise Petts (alto sax, electronics, voice), David Petts (tenor sax, electronics)

Remote Viewers, The: Stranded Depots (Leo Lab: CD076)
David Petts (tenor sax, keyboards), Louise Petts (voice, alto sax, theremin), Adrian Northover (saxophones)

Repeat: Temporary Contemporary (For4ears: CD1032)
Toshimaru Nakamura (no-input mixing board, sampling), Jason Kahn (percussion, sampling)

Re-sound (Monash: no number)
Compositions by John Cage, Brendan Colbert, Thomas Reiner, Ken Murray, Harvey Solberger and Paul Moulatlet

Riley, Howard: Overground (Emanem: 4054)
Howard Riley (piano), Barry Guy (bass), Tony Oxley (percussion, electronics) .

Robair, Gino: Buddy Systems (Meniscus: 003)
Gino Robair (percussion), Dave Barrett (reeds), Myles Boisen (guitars, CD player), John Butcher (sax), Carla Kihlstedt (violin), Tim Perkis (electronics), Dan Plonsey (clarinet), LaDonna Smith (strings, voice), Matthew Sperry (bass), Oluyemi Thomas (reeds, percussion), Otomo Yoshihide (turntables, CD players)

Robertson, Herb: Music for Long Attention Spans (Leo: CDLR315)
Herb Robertson (trumpet, little instruments), Steve Swell (trombone), Bob Hovey (trombone, percussion, voice), Hans Tammen (guitar), Chris Lough (bass), Tom Sayek (drums)

Rohstoff: Fullmoonimprovisations 1999/2000 Tryllehaven (Intuitive: IRCD002 )
Felix Becker, Ivan Vincze, Carl Bergstrom-Nielsen, Laszlo Bela Kovacs, Patricia Roncayolo, Niseema Munk-Madsen, Daniel Briegleb, Janos Veto Lavman, Kaszon Kovacz, Mikkel Hornnes, Ervin Janos Lazar, Thomas Bredsdorff, Ildiko Ungvary (instrumentation not specified)

Rottor: The First Full Turn (Emanem: 4026)
Paul Rutherford (trombone, voice), Julie Tippett (voice, thumb piano), Keith Tippett (piano, bells, maracas), Paul Rogers (bass)

Russell, John and Roger Turner: The Second Sky (Emanem: 4058)
John Russell (guitar), Roger Turner (percussion)

Russell/Altena/Day: The Fairly Young Bean (Emanem: 4036)
John Russell (guitar), Maarten Altena (cello, bass), Terry Day (percussion, voice)

Sabatini, Mirko: -28+Alieni (Ambiances Magnetiques: AM080CD)
Mirko Sabatini (percussion)

Saturnalia: Johnathon LaMaster's Saturnalia (Sublingual: SLR002)
Jonathon LaMaster (violin, guitar, vocals), Michael Bullock (bass), James Coleman (theremin), Creed Drew (guitar), Keiko Higuchi (vocals, trombone, radio), Greg Kelly (trumpet, one track only), Bill T Miller (sampler), Tatsuya Nakatani (drums), Kory Sylvester (electronic drums, one track only), Vic Rawlings (cello, banjo, sarangi), Robin Amos (synth), Larry Coar (drums), Michael Knoblach (drums), Steve LaMaster (alto sax, one track only), Roger Miller (guitar), Zak Sherzad (reeds), Elliott Sharp (guitar, one track only)

Saturnalia String Trio with Daniel Carter (Sublingual: SLRV1001)
Jonathan LaMaster (violin), Vic Rawlings (cello, sarangi), Mike Bullock (bass), Daniel Carter (reeds, flute, trumpet), Andrew Barker (drums, one track only)

Shooting Stars and Traffic Lights (L & R: CDLR45090)
Tscho Theissing (violin), John Voirol (saxophones, synthophone), John Wolf Brennan (piano), Daniele Patumi (bass), Alex Cline (drums)

Siwula/Cherry/Arnal: Badlands (Cadence: CJR1120)
Blaise Siwula (alto sax), Vattel Cherry (bass), Jeff Arnal (drums)

Smith, Roger: Extended Plays (Emanem: 4032)
Roger Smith (guitar), Neil Matcalfe (flute, one track only)

Sound Kitchen: Pass me the Wine, Please (Av-Art: AACD1011)
Jari Hongisto (trombone, percussion), Hasse Poulsen (guitar), Teppo Hauta-aho (bass)

Sound of Choice: Dynamics (Av-Art: AACD1006)
Hasse Poulsen (guitars, electronics, voice), Lars Juul (percussion, voice), Fredrik Lundin (reeds, electronics), Lars Møller (reeds, voice), Thomas Sandberg (vibes, percussion, voice).

Speake, Martin and Nikki Iles: The Tan Tien (FMR: CD51V0898)
Martin Speake (alto saxophone), Nikki Iles (piano).

Speed, Chris: Deviantics (Songlines: SGL1524-2)
Chris Speed (tenor sax, clarinet), Cuong Vu (trumpet), Skuli Sverrisson (bass), Jim Black (drums, melodica)

Spontaneous Music Ensemble: Low Profile (Emanem: 4031)
John Stevens (percussion, cornet, voice), Nigel Coombes (violin), Colin Wood (cello), Roger Smith (guitar)

Statements Quintet: The Cat's Pyjamas (Leo Lab : CD054)
Ursel Schlict (piano), Hans Tammen (guitar), Dominic Duval (bass), Jay Rosen (drums, percussion), Christoph Irmer (violin)

Studer, Fredy: Duos 3-13 (For4Ears: CD1034)
Fredy Studer (percussion), Jin Hi Kim (komungo), Joelle Leandre (bass), Dorothea Schurch (voice, saw)

Sun Ra Arkestra meets Salah Ragab in Egypt (Golden Years of New Jazz : GY1)
Sun Ra Arkestra, Cairo Jazz Band and Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble, featuring a cast of (almost) thousands.

Sun Ra: Live at Praxis '84 (Leo Records: GY5/6)
Sun Ra (keys), Ronnie Brown (trumpet), Marshall Allen (reeds), Eloe Omoe (reeds), John Gilmore (reeds), Danny Ray Thompson (reeds), James Jacson (reeds), Rollo Redford (bass), Matthew Brown (conga), Don Mamford (drums), Salah Ragab (conga) [NB most musicians play numerous instruments]

Szemo, Tibor: The Other Shore (Leo: CDLR 281)
Tibor Szemo (compositions, electronics, flute).

Szemo, Tibor: Snapshot from the Island (Leo: CDLR 277)
Tibor Szemo (compositions, electronics, flute).

Szemo, Tibor: Invisible Story (Leo: CDLR312)
Tibor Szemo (narration, electronics, composition), The Gordian Knot Company.

Takase, Aki: Le Cahier du Bal (Leo: CDLR319)
Aki Takase (piano) .

Hans Tammen: Endangered Guitar (Nur/Nicht/Nur: No number)
Hans Tammen (guitar)

Tammen, Hans and Dominic Duval: The Road Bends Here (Leo Lab: CD072)
Hans Tammen (guitar), Dominic Duval (bass)

Tanguay, Pierre: La Musique de mon Disque (Ambiances Magnetiques: AM079CD)
Pierre Tanguay (composition, objects)

Tchicai, John and Giancarlo Nicolai: The Giancarlo Nicolai Trio with John Tchicai (Leo: CDLR164)
John Tchicai (tenor and soprano saxes, voice), Giancarlo Nicolai (guitar), Thomas Durst (bass), Ueli Müller (drums).

Toop, David and Max Eastley: New and Rediscovered Musical Instruments (Virgin: CDOVD478)
Max Eastley (sculptures), David Toop (voice, guitar, chordophone, flute), Frank Perry (percussion), Paul Burwell (percussion), Brian Eno (bass guitar), Hugh Davies (grill harp).

Tremblay, Jaques: Alibi (Diffusion i Media: IMED9841)
Jacques Tremblay (electronics).

Trio Chroch: Live at Dexter (Av-Art: AACD1009)
Christoffer Sten Moller (piano, keyboards, trumpet, voice), Robert Cole Rizzi (guitar, electronics, percussion, voice), Chano Olskaer (percussion, voice)

Trio Nuevo Finlandia: Ha! What's Going On? (Leo Lab: CD046)
Baron Paakkunainen (flute, alto flute, soprano sax, tenor sax, baritone sax), Eero Ojanen (piano), Teppo Hauta-Aho- (bass, cello, siren).

Trio X: Rapture (Cadence: CJR1106)
Joe McPhee (sax), Jay Rosen (drums), Dominic Duval (bass, electronics), Rosi Hertlein (violin, voice).

Turner, Matt: The Mouse That Roared (Meniscus: MNSCS002)
Matt Turner (cello)

Turner, Matt: Crushed Smoke (Tautology: 014)
Matt Turner (cello)

Ullman, Gebhard: Ta Lam Zehn (Leo Records: CDLR290)
Hinrich Beermann (sax), Daniel Erdmann (sax), Thomas Klemm (sax), Jurgen Kupke (clarinet), Joachim Litty (reeds), Theo Nabicht (reeds), Heiner Reinhart (bass clarinet), Volker Schlott (reeds), Gebhard Ullmann (reeds), Hans Hassler (accordeon)

Van Hove, Fred: Flux (Potlatch : P2398 )
Fred Van Hove (piano).

Various Artists: The Unsound Automatic Starter Kit (Unsound Automatic: UACD001)
Tracks by Chris Hartford, Livestock, Andrea Rocca vs Bruco Lava, Radioactive Sparrow, Homo-Genetic Arsonist, Tony Gage, Richard Bowers, Simply Keys

Various Artists: The Kakutopia Annual Report (Unsound Automatic: UACD015)

Various Artists: Bowed and Popped (Nur/Nicht/Nur: no number)
Tracks by Michael Vorfeld, Stephan Froleyks, Hans Tammen.

Various Artists: Rubbed and Blown (Nur/Nicht/Nur: no number)
Tracks by Claus von Bebber, RoN Schmidt, Paul Hubweber.

Various Artists: Danish Intuitive Music (Intuitive: IRCD003)
Compositions by Jorgen Lekfeld, Carl Bergstrom-Nielsen, Ivan Eugen Vincze, Jorgen Plaetner

Various Artists: Boston Underbelly (Sublingual: SLR001)
Andrew Neumann, Saturnalia, Neptune, Mile Wide, Sigmoid Flexure, BTM/KOF, BTM/Orgy of Noise, Binary System, Thurston Moore.

Vertrek Ensemble with Derek Bailey: Departures (Volatile: VCD002)
Derek Bailey (guitar), Vadim Budman (guitar, cornet, reed cornet), Ron de Jong (percussion) .

Vertrek Ensemble with Eugene Chadbourne: Dim Sum, Dodgers and Dangerous Nights (Volatile: VCD003)
Eugene Chadbourne (guitar, banjo, voice), Vadim Budman (guitar, cornet, reed cornet, wooden flute, harmonica), Ron de Jong (percussion) .

VHF: Extracts (Erstwhile: 001)
Graham Halliwell (alto sax, percussion), Simon H Fell (double bass), Simon Vincent (drums, tone generator).

Vitriol: Randonee 0.06 (Sir Records: SIRR2001MCD)
Paolo Raposo, Carlos Santos (composition) .

Ware, Ed (Ed Ware: 4037)
Joe Fiedler (trombone), Jerome Harris (guitar), Pete McCann (guitar), Edward Ware (drums)

Wall, John: Fractuur (Utterpsalm: CD3)
John Wall (sampler, compositions), with many improvisers including John Edwards (bass).

Weber, Mark: Beautemous Everlasting (Zerx: 004)
Mark Weber (spoken word, melodica, percussion), Patti Littlefield (voice), Tom Guralnick (tenor sax), Tim Zannes (tenor sax), Bill Plake (tenor sax), Stefan Dill (guitar), Lou Morales (percussion), Justine Flynn (French horn), Jon Baldwin (cornet, percussion), Jefferson Voorhees (percussion), Mark Weaver (tuba), J A Deane (trombone, steel guitar, electronics), Lisa Polisar (flute), Alicia Ultan (viola), Courtney Smith (celtic harp), Craig Ochikubo (keys), Anders Swanson (bass, violin), Chris Garcia (drums), Eileen Sullivan (violin), Bonnie Renfro (violin), Pam Morden (violin), Lewis Winn (guitar), Chris Allen (vibes).

Weber, Mark: Time Zone Differential (Zerx : 007)
Mark Weber (spoken word), Michael Vlatkovich (trombone, percussion), Bill Plake (tenor sax), Alex Cline (percussion), Nels Cline (guitar), William Roper (tuba, percussion), Chris Garcia (percussion), Vinny Golia (baritone sax, clarinet), David Parlato (bass), Craig Ochikubo (keys), Anders Swanson (bass, violin), Rob Blakeslee (trumpet, flugelhorn), Ken Filiano (bass), Billy Mintz (drums), Gerald Locklin (spoken word, one track only), Wayne Peet (organ, one track only), Gretchen Parlato (voice, one track only).

Weston/Edwards/Sanders: Mercury Concert (Emanem : 4028)
Veryan Weston (piano), John Edwards (bass), Mark Sanders (drums)

W.O.O. Revelator: Taking the Long View (W.O.O. Direct: no number)
Bonnie Kane (sax, flute), Chris Forsyth (guitar), Ray Sage (drums).

Wodrascka, Christine & Ramon Lopez: Aux Portes du Matin (Leo: CDLR318)
Christine Wodrascka (piano), Ramon Lopez (drums) .

Yaun, Keith: Countersink (Leo Lab: CD047)
Keith Yaun (guitar), Mat Maneri (electric violin), Nathan Cook (tenor sax), John Lockwood (bass), Johnny McLellan (drums).

Yaun, Keith: Improvisations on Messiaen (Boxholder: BXH010)
Keith Yaun (guitar), Bern Nix (guitar), Mat Maneri (violin), Johnny McLellan (drums) .

Zimmerli, Patrick: Expansion (Songlines: SGL1530-2)
Patrick Zimmerli (tenor sax), Ben Monder (guitar), Stomu Takeishi (bass), Satoshi Takeishi (percussion)

Zoepf, Joachim: Kollateralschaden (Nur/Nicht/Nur: no number)
Joachim Zoepf (reeds).

Zorn, John: Masada Het (DIW: DIW-195)
John Zorn (alto sax), Dave Douglas (trumpet), Greg Cohen (bass), Joey Baron (drums).

Zorn, John: The Classic Guide to Strategy (Tzadik: TZ7305)
John Zorn (reed instruments, game calls etc).

Zorn, Jonathon: ContraBass (Newsonic: newsonic11)
Jonathon Zorn (bass)