Why are there so confusingly many categories?

Because I try to map the territory, and very different things are included - editions and anthologies of published works, writings about improvisation which are certainly very different and consequently put into different categories, etc. Also because I really want to describe what's INSIDE the writings, not just naming titles. One can then search out the relevant categories and take a closer look. Use your browser's search facilities to find specific words or text strings...

Why isn't everything before and from the year 2000 on at one place?

Because the commenting text parts for publications up to 2000 were written as a comment to the literature till then. With a second list, I can add items without worrying about revisions to these texts. Also the first large part is known to a number of people who may have the convenience of an easier overview of "what's new". And the second one has been compiled in a scientifically less rigid way. So well, you have to look both places when doing a general search.

Are any of these bibiographies likely to be updated?

Yes! The 2000- one is supposed to be slowly growing on a fairly regular basis, and even the 1945-1999 one also gets new items regularly and has grown a lot since 2002. Look for the last revision date at the beginning of both. Subscribe to the newsletter with feeds and save the trouble of finding out what is new. You can of course unsubscribe at any time.

How do I get hold of the literature??

Libraries are usually skilled in getting loans from other libraries, also internationally. A number of journal articles may be accessed online through library networks using services like for instance JSTOR - ask your librarian. In Denmark, you can in many cases order directly through www.bibliotek.dk/ and have the books delivered to your local library. Aalborg University has a good collection of experimental and improvised music books, performance material music and CDs - but in order to freely lend material you must live in the vicinity. It can sometimes be useful, however, to use our database for searching or verifying literature. It can be found at www.aub.aau.dk/. Please note some very special features: in freetext search, write: intuitiv musik OR improvisationsmusik OR grafisk notation - and the current collection under the keywords intuitive music or improvisational music or other notations will be listed.

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