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Amigo, Cristian (USA, 1963). x Verbally notated short pieces.
Andersen, Eric (DK, 1943). x The canonic op.51 with authorised performance instructions.
Barbiero, Daniel (USA, 1958). x x Pieces with pages to be ordered according to the performers' preference. Articles screening areas of understanding improvisation.
Bergmark, Johannes (SE, 1963). x MA dissertation dealing with instrument building and improvised music in Stockholm.
Bergstroem-Nielsen, Carl (DK, 1951). x x Among other texts, a large bibliography of (writings on) improvised music and related.
Buj Corral, Marina (ESP, 1976). x PhD and other illustrated texts about graphic notations.
x Graphic compositions
Cochrane, Richard (UK, 1971). x Reviews from the Musings site (1995-99). Approx. 235 entries.
x Instructional scores.
Cox, Christoph (USA, 1965). x Article about the historical development of music notation (2008).
Davies, Hugh (GB, 1943-2005). x Article about Stockhausen's collection From the Seven Days (1975).
Fell, Simon H. (UK, 1959-2020). x One of the texts introduce the concepts of 'invasive'/'non-invasive' composition.
Ford, Charles C. (UK, 1950). x Article on improvised music teaching in higher education.
Globokar, Vinko (Yuguslavia, 1934) x Pioneering article on composition for improvisors. English and Russian.
x x Verbally notated score / prose piece.
Short text on egalitarian music (in English and Swedish).
  x Exhibition catalogue on music and graphics, Donaueschingen 1959
x Excerpt from a paper, summarising theories by Caillois, Lars von Trier and Stephen Nachmanovitch. In Danish.
Hübsch, Carl Ludwig (DE, 1966) x Article on the analysis of improvisation in both German and English
x Texts in German and English.
x Various authors
Karkoschka, Erhard (D, 1923-2009). x Classic article on improvisation, viewed from experimental composition
Keller, Max Eugen (CH, b.1947). x Scores notated with text and graphics.
Kohl, Jerome (USA, 1946). x Article on Stockhausen's collection of text-notated pieces Aus den Sieben Tagen [From the Seven Days]
x - Short text stating commandments of anarchy within free improvisation.
- Kurzer Text über Gebote der Anarchie in freier Improvisation.
- Texto corto sobre la dimensión ética en la música improvisada.
- Also in Russian, Czech and Polish languages.
x x Articles by Lekfeldt in Danish and an article in English by Bergstroem-Nielsen on Lekfeldt's compositions with notation examples.
Mäder, Urban; Baumann, Christoph; Meyer, Thomas (x) (x) Playing suggestions. Excerpt from a publication on free improvisation didactics, Luzern, Switzerland 2013.
Nomura, Makoto (Japan, 1968). x Article by Bergstroem-Nielsen describing compositional approaches with notation examples.
Nunn, Tom (USA, 1946). x Downloadable comprehensive theoretical book on typical phenomena and processes of free improvisation and on terminology with which to describe them.
Nyhuus, Pelle (DK, 2000). x Composition / game
Osgood, Kresten (DK, 1946). x Interview about magical moments in improvisation - in Danish.
Palacios, Fernando (ESP, 1952). x Collection of 26 graphically notated pieces for educational use.
Polaschegg, Nina (Austria, 1972). x Article on the relation between improvisation and composition in the development of new music since the 1960s.
Porfiriadis, Alexis (Greece, 1971). x x Comprehensive collection of compositions with descriptive overview. A Ph D analyzing collective aspects of playing.
Raes, Godfried-Willem (BE, 1952). x Text on improvisation teaching methodology from 1998, revised 2020, and memories of Logos.
Rasmussen, Henrik Ehland (DK, 1961). x A number of graphically/verbally notated compositions.
x Verbally notated scores.
x Score consisting of graphic symbols and text.
x Article on improvisation exercises for large groups.
x Nature Study Notes (Cardew ed.) Improvisation rites. Anthology of text pieces and games.
x x Compositions with multilingual explanations. Article on notation in Spanish.
Sterk, Peter (NL, 1957). x Verbally notated compositions.
Stockhausen, Karlheinz (DE, 1928-2007). x Transscript from a discussion on Intuitive Music.
Tetsu, Shiba (Japan, 1959). x Game pieces (English and Japanese).
Wright, Jack (USA, 1942). x Essays on improvised music.
x Prose Collection. Verbally notated pieces.

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