*** intuitivemusic.dk - TEMPORARY INDEX ***

There has been problems with reaching my homepage from some countries. I am working to solve the problem, but in the meantime here are some links and tricks to reach my materials anyway:

- Those of you who did not have problems before: go to http://intuitivemusic.dk/intuitive/index.htm - and there will be business as usual.

- Those who could not reach my homepage before can do the following (for the moment avoiding exact links):

1) search for "aalborg university's research portal" and when you get inside, search for my name. Here is a large collection of scores, texts and audio/video documentation.

2) search for "internet archive bergstroem-nielsen". If you can see pictures by Georg Broe and cannot find the music, then return and click on a link dealing with music. Then you are inside a small collection of selected scores etc.

From time to time there may be working on some contents inside that may cause unavailability of some data. Apologies for it all.

yours, Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen (September 2020)