This is a historic document, taken down in 1996 and reconstructed from a printout. It might have been the first site of the kind on the internet.

Welcome to every skirtwearing mans homepage.

During the last few years a growing number of men are challenging the estetics of male fashion by wearing skirts and other traditional female clothing as a part of their everyday wardrobe, and this is a site to support that challenge.

If you are one of those men, this site is for you. If not, you're welcome anyway. The purpose of this site is to be a source of inspiration and motivation for all of the skirtwearing men out there. Also, it's an attempt to make men i skirts more socially accepted, after all, it's still rather unusual and we do tend to put a label on every deviation when it comes to the choice of clothing.

Why do we wear skirts?

I'm tempted to answer that question with: Why not? But I got a feeling you won't be pleased with such an answer, especially if you are not one of us. Actually I can't give you a single answer to that question. In fact there are just about as many reasons as there are skirt wearing men, but I'll give you a few:

  • Skirts are comfortable
  • Skirts are nice looking
  • If women can wear everything in a mans wardrobe without a hassle, why shouldn't men be ableto do the same with womens clothing?
  • We may have a stronger contact with our feminine side than other men.

    The list can be made to go on and on forever. Another important question asked by many of the contrahents is:

    Are you trying to be a woman?

    No, If we were trying to be women we shouldn't combine the skirt with other male attributes. Rather, we would be wearing make-up, wigs, talk with a feminine voice and so on, and we're not, so...


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