Skirtlovers' Site 

This site is mainly in Danish language and expresses the opinions and views of men who claim back skirts as a comfortable and beautyful kind of dressing, independently of their sexual orientation or lifestyle regarding other matters.

It features, besides various pictures, some original texts and texts from other places translated into Danish - in whis way, I hope it can serve just a little as a bridge between Nordic and European Sites on this subject.

In any case, you can see the pictures - of me and friends and historic/ethnic ones. ...Also, see this historic document and this link to a personality test in English (click on the icon). The link below on the same page goes to an animated masculine/feminine walking machine... don't miss it! Also, see the general links page which has an international section.

Sorry for the language, in case you cannot read Danish... but you're welcome to take contact by email anyway!