<HTML> <HEAD> <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=windows-1252"> <META NAME="Generator" CONTENT="Microsoft Word 97"> <TITLE>EUROPEAN INTUITIVE MUSIC CONFERENCE</TITLE> <link rel="icon" href="i_icon.png"> <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="European Intuitive Music conference,denmark's intuitive music conference, european intuitive music congress,improvised music,experimental music,graphic notations"> <META NAME="description" CONTENT="European Intuitive Music Conference,an annual meeting. Read about the coming and previous conferences. Former Denmark's intuitive music conference and Intuitiva New Art conference,"> <META NAME="Template" CONTENT="C:\PROGRAMMER\MICROSOFT OFFICE\OFFICE\html.dot"> <LINK REL=stylesheet TYPE=text/css HREF=style.css> </HEAD> <BODY LINK="#0000ff" VLINK="#800080" BGCOLOR="#ffcc00"> <DIV align=right><A HREF="index.htm"><FONT SIZE=1>To Intuitive Music Homepage... </A></DIV> <FONT FACE="Tahoma" SIZE=5> <A NAME="top"></A>EUROPEAN INTUITIVE MUSIC CONFERENCE<BR><FONT SIZE=3>Former DIMC/Denmark's Intuitive Music Conference (1995-2013) and Intuitive New Art Conference (2014-2017)<P><IMG SRC="line7.gif" WIDTH=623 HEIGHT=18></P> <TABLE CELLPADDING=20> <TR> <TD> <B><I><FONT FACE="Tahoma" SIZE=3><P>EIMC is an annual meeting for improvisors. Sorry, no gigs available! (but your international network will benefit...)</P> </I> <P>Contents:<BR> * INFORMATION ABOUT UPCOMING CONFERENCES<BR> * SOME HISTORY - MATERIAL FROM EARLIER YEARS<BR> </B>Please SCROLL the text to see everything!&nbsp;</P> </TD> <TD> &nbsp; </TD> </TR> </TABLE> <DIV align=center> <IMG SRC="eimclogo.jpg" width=300> </DIV> <FONT SIZE=2> <BLOCKQUOTE> <DIV align=right>Browse all of our audio/video materials <A HREF="dimc_mat.htm">here</A>. &nbsp;Meet us on Facebook <A HREF="http://www.facebook.com/intmusconf">here</A>.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </DIV></BLOCKQUOTE> </FONT SIZE> <BR><BR> <BLOCKQUOTE><BLOCKQUOTE> <FONT SIZE=3><I> Improvising musicians, composers, all other performing artists - come together! Develop your art by performing with new people, exchange ideas and get new contacts... </I> <BR><BR> <BR> <TABLE width=100% CELLPADDING=10 align=center> <TR><TD BGCOLOR=white> <BR> <DIV align=center> <FONT SIZE=6> <FONT COLOR=green> INTUITIVA 2019:</FONT COLOR><BR> <FONT SIZE=3> We are working on it. Maybe middle of July.</B> </DIV> <HR> <BR><BR> INTUITIVA 2018 was 2-5.August at Logos, Gent, Belgium. More documentation is forthcoming. For the moment, see pictures and a video at our <A HREF="http://www.facebook.com/intmusconf">Facebook page</A>. <BR><BR><BR> <FONT SIZE=2> New name - what happened? The musicians' meeting was 2014-17 made in collaboration with Polish Performer Theatre and the artists' village Ale Wiocha. We need to work independently again. <A HREF="https://www.facebook.com/pawel.dudzinski3"><FONT COLOR="BB0010">Performer Theatre</FONT COLOR></A> (and possibly Intuitiva (earlier: Fortalije) Festival) continues in Poland as before. Carl is still the daily coordinator of the meeting. <FONT SIZE=3> <BR> <BR> <!--- sluk........ <B><U>Participation fee</U>:</B> 150 euros, to be paid upon arrival. It covers: dormitory-like facilities for staying (please read more below under "Practicalities") and the first meals after arrival. Additional food to be organised, bought and paid along the way by participants. <BR> <BR> <B><U>Programme</U>:</B> see the preliminary programme <A HREF="d18prog.pdf"><B>here</B></A>! (And you may download by right click).<BR> <BR> It features our musician's retreat with random groups at the beginning for bringing people together, later various workshops and free sessions. And spaces for informal exchange and activity. <BR> <BR> <B><U>Arrival</U></B> for participants Thursday 2.August at the venue 14-18 (6pm). (In case you arrive earlier, call Carl at +45 2820 5688). Programme ends Sunday 5th after lunch. <BR> <BR> <B><U>Venue</U>:</B> <A HREF="http://www.logosfoundation.org/">Logos Center for experimental music</A>, Kongostraat 35). There is a concert hall and a number of adjacent rooms on several floors for work and stay. Also an integrated apartment with a small kitchen. See pictures!<BR><BR> Logos Center was built up by the duo Godfried-Willem Raes and Moniek Darge who still manage the place. Innumerable experimental musicians have performed there since 1968. <BR><BR> <B><U>Registration</U>:</B> Sleeping facilities are limited to 10 participants. Therefore, please register by sending a mail when you decide to come, and we may ask you to reconfirm before your arrival so that we can pass on your reservation if there are people on a waiting-list. You could of course also reserve a hotel or other kind of place in the town if you prefer. In this case, do it possibly early, as Gent is a popular tourist target. <BR> <BR> <B><U>Some practicalities</U>:</B> if you are going to stay at the venue, bring your own sleeping bag and don't forget a camping mattress - there are no beds and no beddings (see the pictures). There is only 1 shower and 1 washbasin available. <BR>- And yes, we have amplification facilities. <BR> <BR> <B><U>Travel</U>:</B> Gent is conveniently located near both of the two airports of Brussel which together host a very large number of airlines. You may use <A HREF="http://www.bahn.de">bahn.de</A> or <A HREF="https://www.delijn.be">www.delijn.be</A> for train and other traffic information - you can reach Gent from London or Paris within 2 or 3 hours, for example. "Gent St.Pieters" is the relevant station, because it's the central one and you might enjoy a little sightseeing the last few kilometres. <BR> <BR> From Brussels Zaventem National Airport trains run approximately every half hour to Gent Sint Pieters station and the journey takes around one hour. <BR> <BR> From Charleroi airport buses run to Gent, also Sint Pieters station (direction: Brugge), but with intervals sometimes exceeding two hours, and the trip takes 1 hour 20 minutes. You might find it a good alternative to take one of the buses to Brussels Gare du Midi every half hour, trains run around every half-hour to Gent and the trip takes approx. 30 minuts. See more about this bus system at <A HREF="https://www.flibco.com">www.flibco.com</A>. <BR> <BR> From Gent St.Pieters to Logos (around 6 kilometers): take tram no.4 - BUT BEWARE: there are 2 trams named no.4 from the station (due to present road work)!! Be sure to take the one towards Tolpoort - NOT "Gent Muide" or "Gent UZ". Get off at the stop named Spaarstraat (the stop before is called "Sint Lucas Biervlietstraat"). There will be a few kilometers to walk from there, or you may take bus no.5 from Spaarstraat to "Gent Stapelplein" near by ("Dok Noord" is then the previous stop). See a map showing these options <A HREF="https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Gent+Spaarstraat,+9000+Gent,+Belgien/Kongostraat+35,+Gent,+Belgien/@51.0620058,3.7190274,16z/data=!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x47c3713c903d2f41:0x32f68490dd91be15!2m2!1d3.7213359!2d51.0659185!1m5!1m1!1s0x47c37136e877a075:0xc3c2c1e520cf79a3!2m2!1d3.7320928!2d51.0610837">here</A> ... <BR><BR> <IMG SRC="d18l_k.jpg" width=90%> <BR> <FONT SIZE=-1>(The above picture shows what Kongostraat 35 looks like. Whereas the picture with metal surface you see when you scroll further down is taken from the other street with the concert hall entrance, Bomastraat).</FONT SIZE> <BR><BR> Please also observe the information given under "Arrival" above! <BR><BR> ...<BR> Any more questions? <A HREF="imail.htm">Email</A> to Carl or SMS/call him at +45 2820 5688. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <IMG SRC="d18_logos.jpg" width=100%><BR> <DIV align=right><IMG SRC="d18_gent.jpg" width=100%></DIV> sluk ----!> <BR> </TD></TR> </TABLE> <BR><BR> You are welcome to send a <A HREF="imail.htm"><FONT COLOR=red>mail</FONT COLOR></A> to get into closer contact. <BR> <BR> <BR> <DIV align=right> <TABLE border=0 width=32%> <TR><TD><FONT SIZE=1> Are you less than 35 years old and considering travelling from the Balkan, Caucasus or West/South Mediterrenean areas or Russia - you may check this: <A HREF="http://www.culturalfoundation.eu/step-beyond">www.culturalfoundation.eu</A></FONT SIZE> </TD></TR> </TABLE> </DIV> <BR> </BLOCKQUOTE> ************************************************************************** <BR>So far, Intuitiva (DIMC) has had participants from Argentina, Azerbaijan, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Serbia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Japan, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden and USA. <BR> ************************************************************************** <BR> <FONT SIZE=3> <BR><BR> <HR> <B>*INTUITIVA 2017</B><BR><BR> Had 12 participants, 8 full time: Haruhiko Okabe (JAP), Roman Stolyar (RU), Vlad Luchansky (RU), Thomas Zimmermann (D), Susanne Escher (CH), Anna Jedrzejewska (DK), Pawel Dudzinski (PL), Bozena Dudzinska, Kajetan Victor Dudzinski (PL), Piotr Stefanski (PL) Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen (DK), Marie Wrme (DK). <BR>&nbsp;&nbsp; Programme <A HREF="d17prg.pdf">here</A>. Video excerpts from the concert in Lubiaz Abbey <A HREF="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fsaszka%2Fvideos%2F10212615546357618%2F&show_text=0">here</A>. The whole concert (and a bonus) <A HREF="https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3P1wUrgMLX7aFpAIfsfZv4gCRSFrTSgT">here</A>. <BR><A HREF="d17disc.htm">Conference discussion</A>. <BR><BR> <HR> <B>*INTUITIVA 2016</B><BR><BR> Had 12+ participants: Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen (DK), Haruhiko Okabe (JAP), Zofia Bartoszewicz (PL), Natalia Kamia (UKRAINE/SE), Maja Radovanlija (SERBIA/USA), Thomas Zimmermann (D), Susanne Escher (CH), Stefan Tiedje (D), Piotr Stefanski (PL), Anna Jedrzejewska (DK), Pawel Dudzinski (PL), Sambor Dudzinski (PL). <BR>&nbsp;&nbsp; Three workshops. Special theme: "Can a large group be creative?". Common work towards the concert in the Lubiaz cloister church. A "Parade" in the neighbourhood doing PR for the concert. Random and other sessions as always. The programme can be seen <A HREF="d16pe.pdf">here</A>. The Conference Discussion <A HREF="d16disc.htm">here</A>. Some audio excerpts <A HREF="https://soundcloud.com/intuitive_dk/sets/intuitiva-2016">here</A>. Video excerpts from the concert <A HREF="https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3P1wUrgMLX558thqwXMtDOLzsqS3h910">here</A> <BR><BR>. <HR> <B>*INTUITIVA 2015</B><BR><BR> Had 16+ participants: Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen (DK), Juan Maria Solare (ARG/D), Malene Bichel (DK), Gerd Rieger (D), Andreas Rieger (D), Gabi Bolte (D), Eugen Neuloh (D), Kyle Motl (USA), Tobin Chodos (USA), Drew Ceccato (USA), Piotr Stefanski (PL), Dalia Faitelson (DK) Anders Eskildsen (DK), Robert Jedrzejewski (PL), Anna Jedrzejewska (DK), Pawel Dudzinski (PL) + other members and friends of the Dudzinski family. <BR>&nbsp;&nbsp; Four workshops, three of them with Butoh and other movement related to music in various ways. Two concerts in the local area. Random and other sessions as always. The preliminary programme can be seen <A HREF="d15pe.pdf">here</A> - some changes occurred along the way. Videos <A HREF="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3DFQIUg-20&list=PL3P1wUrgMLX7EhL-a12crpJ5DjDBsNqGP">here</A>! <BR><BR> <HR> <B>*INTUITIVA 2014</B><BR><BR> had 22 participants: Rafal Smolinski, Robert Jedrzejewski, Anna Jedrzejewsk, Boszena Dudzinska, Pawel Dudzinski, Ewa Chichon, Marta (all PL), Graeme Wilson (Scotland UK), Sophie Cournede (F), Ruedi Debrunner (CH), Iouri Grankin (Ukraine/D), Cristu xr szl (ARG/FR), Max Stehle, Stefan Tiedje, Anke Ames, Roland Borch, Norbert Zajac, Antje Knau, Maria Erhoff, Juliane (all D), Juan Maria Solare (ARG/D), Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen (DK). <BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;We had playing and workshops lead by participants as ever - see the <A HREF="d14pe.pdf">English programme</A> or the <A HREF="d14pp.pdf">Polish programme</A>. A concert open to local people from the neighbourhood was surprisingly well visited, around 50 audience members. There was much work with theatre and dance compared to earlier practise, although no lack of music played. See a video <A HREF="http://youtu.be/JXKgvFUC8yI">here</A>.<BR><BR> <HR> <B>*DIMC 2013</B><BR> <DIV><BLOCKQUOTE> See this compilation from the 2013 conference - click on the picture...<BR> <A HREF="http://youtu.be/TYjcWJ764-0"><IMG SRC="d13lb.jpg" border=0 width=400></A> </DIV></BLOCKQUOTE> <BR> had 16 registered participants (and a few guests staying for a shorter time): Reinhard Gagel (D), Corinna Eikmeier (D), Anke Ames (D), Roland Borch (D), Brigitte Kpper (D), Iouri Grankin (D), Norbert Zajaz (D), Dorothea Aalenburg (D), Bernhard Gehrke (D), Stefan Tiedje (D), Annette Pausch (D), Pawel Dudzinsky (PL), Robert Jedrzejewski (PL, organiser), Anna Jedrzejewska (PL), Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen (DK, organiser), Henrik Ehland Rasmussen (DK, organiser). <BR>&nbsp;&nbsp; Various playing sessions, some of them as workshops: The importance of time frames in improvisation (Reinhard Gagel), Connecting to each other versus independence (Corinna Eikmeier), Stockhausen open compositions (Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen). - A recordings listening session Friday afternoon gave rise to discussion of how big an improvising ensemble should and could be; of the creative use of cliches, and still other themes. The Conference Discussion Friday evening took its starting-point in a presentation of materials around Cecil Taylor and Stockhausen. The discussion was characterised by commenting on the similarities between these despite of different backgrounds, especially concerning their innovative relation to music tradition. <BR>&nbsp;&nbsp; A number of sessions and to some extent an additional concert in Wroclaw Sunday evening are well documented. See <A HREF="http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3P1wUrgMLX5cYWmPO34qTvJFDCqoi07E"><FONT SIZE=3>videos</A>!</FONT SIZE>. <A HREF="d13p.pdf">English programme</A>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<A HREF="d13pp.pdf">Polish programme</A>. <BR>&nbsp;&nbsp; <FONT COLOR=brown>The General Assembly approved of the committee's proposal to move the Conference permanently to Poland and fuse with Intuitiva/Fortalijze Festival. New name is INTUITIVA New Art Conference. This new organisation is now managed by: Robert Jedrzejewski (PL), Pawel Dudzinski (PL). Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen (DK). Henrik Ehland Rasmussen (DK).</FONT COLOR><BR><BR> <BR>****************************************<BR> <B>*DIMC 2012</B><BR><BR> had 7 participants: Norbert Zajac (D), Kristin Bolstad (N), Henrik Ehland Rasmussen (DK, organiser), Mette Stig Nielsen (DK), Malene Bichel (DK), Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen (DK, organiser), Gerhard Pischinger (DK). <BR><BR> A concert right at the beginning - with Kre Wangel, Mathias Faigh Larsen and Kim Linnet from Poetry Slam Fyn. Free improvisations, pieces, graphic scores. See videos at our <A HREF="http://www.facebook.com/intnewart">Facebook page</A>! A summary of our conference discussion <A HREF="d12disc.htm">here</A>. Programme is <A HREF="d12prg.htm">here</A>. <BR><BR> <BR>****************************************<BR> <B>*DIMC 2011</B><BR><BR> had 8 participants: Norbert Zajac (D), Paul Timmermans (B), Juan Maria Solare (ARG), Henrik Ehland Rasmussen (DK, organiser), Ulrike Peyerl (D), Sylvia Hinz (D), Regine Leonore Birkner (D), Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen (DK, organiser). <BR><BR> A concert right at the beginning - free improvisations and pieces by participants and study of some scores by others. Se the <A HREF="http://www.facebook.com/video/?id=159104320830947">videos</A> from the concert... press release about the concert <A HREF="d11_kc.htm">here</A>. A short summary of our conference discussion <A HREF="d11disc.htm">here</A>. Programme is <A HREF="d11prg.htm">here</A>. See some still pictures <A HREF="http://p-art.weebly.com/dimc-2011.html">here</A>. <BR><BR> <BR>****************************************<BR> <B>*DIMC 2010</B><BR><BR> had 15 participants, 7 coming for the first time: Antonio Sascino (I), Peter STerk (NL), Eduardo Srgio, Manuel Bruschy + Manuel jr. (PT), Brigitte Kpper, Frank Hiesler (D), Juan Maria Solare (ARG), Hutch Demoulpied (GB), David Schwartz (ISR), Gerhard Pischinger, Immanuel Kuhrt (DK), Norbert Zajac (D), Henrik Ehland Rasmussen, Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen (DK, organisers). <BR><BR> Free improvisations according to various set-up of groups and constellations, pieces by participants. See and listen to audio and video <A HREF="dimc_mat.htm">here!</A> Press release in Danish <A HREF="d11_kc.htm">here</A>. See some compositions <A HREF="d10_comp.htm">here</A>. Our <A HREF="d10disc.htm">conference discussion</A> had as its starting-point "Improvised music in the world of today", and some more themes were touched upon. Some pictures <A HREF="d10pic.htm">here</A>. Programme is <A HREF="d10prg.htm">here</A>. <BR><BR> <BR>****************************************<BR> <B>*DIMC 2009</B><BR><BR> had 12 participants, 3 coming for the first time, and one guest: Haruhiko Okabe (Japan), Belinda Cody (Australia), Julie Krier, Jeanette Eeuwes (NL), Emily Doolittle (CAN/USA), Mette Stig Nielsen, Regine Leonore Birkner (D), Corinna Eikmeyer (D), Norbert Zajac (D), Henrik Ehland Rasmussen, Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen, Eduardo Sergio (PT), Helena Marchand (PT) (guest). <BR><BR> Various free improvisations, some improv exercies and pieces by participants. Listen to recordings <A HREF="dimc_mat.htm">here</A>! Our <A HREF="d09disc.htm">conference discussion</A> had as its starting-point "How to deal with habits". Some pictures <A HREF="d09pic.htm">here</A>. Programme is <A HREF="d09prg.htm">here</A>. This conference lasted one day longer than previous ones, and we intend to continue in this way - Thursday to Sunday. <BR><BR> <BR>****************************************<BR> <B>*DIMC 2008</B><BR><BR> had 10 participants, 3 coming for the first time: Leopoldo Siano (I), Juan Maria Solare (ARG), Mette Stig Nielsen, Regine Leonore Birkner (D), Jens Friis-Pedersen, Tine Hinrichsen, Dorte Lkke, Norbert Zajac (D), Henrik Ehland Rasmussen, Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen. <BR><BR> Many improvisational scores presented this time (see some of them <A HREF="d08_scores.htm">here</A>), and of course also free improvisations. Our <A HREF="d08disc.htm">conference discussion</A> had keywords of intention, intuition, interrelations, decisions, discipline and precision, and notation. Some pictures <A HREF="d08pic.htm">here</A>. Overall programme is <A HREF="d08prg.htm">here</A>. <BR><BR> <BR>****************************************<BR> <B>*DIMC 2007</B><BR><BR> had 12 participants, 4 coming for the first time: Anna Birkbl Jensen, Gerhard Pischinger, Claus Bech-Nielsen, Mette Stig Nielsen, Lho Hiris, Regine Leonore Birkner (D), Jens Friis-Pedersen, Tine Hinrichsen, Nina Bjrk Eliasson, Norbert Zajac (D), Henrik Ehland Rasmussen, Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen. <BR><BR> Free improvisations in many constellations, as ever - also experiments with various agreements, and some improvisational pieces (see more <A HREF="d07p.htm">here</A>). Our <A HREF="d07disc.htm">conference discussion</A> addressed the relation between music and language. Some pictures <A HREF="d07pic.htm">here</A>. Overall programme is <A HREF="d07prg.htm">here</A>. <BR><BR> <BR>****************************************<BR> <B>*DIMC 2006</B><BR><BR> had 17 participants: Anne Mette Rasmussen, Mads Tilst Christensen, Tine Hinrichsen, Peter Ellerman, Ervin Lazar, Fruzsina Lucra (HUNG), Cristian Amigo (USA), Claus Bech-Nielsen, Matthias Granum, Ivan Vincze, Wojciech Kosma (POL), Norbert Zajac (D), Mette Stig Nielsen, Peter Sterk (NL), Gerhard Pischinger, Henrik Ehland Rasmussen, Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen. Also present Jen Farkas (collecting film material). <BR><BR> A concert (part of Svendborg Festdage), improvisation constellations and <A HREF="d06_scores.htm">open pieces</A>. See the <A HREF="d06_discuss.htm">discussion</A> and some <A HREF="d06_pic.htm">pictures</A>! <A HREF="d06prg.htm">Programme</A> here. <BR><BR> Video artist Wojciech Kosma recorded material for his work "11 LOUDEST/MOST BORING/QUIETEST/LONGEST/MOST IMPORTANT/SHORTEST SOUND" - to be enjoyed <A HREF="http://www.wojciechkosma.com/mostsounds.htm">here</A>. <BR> <BR>****************************************<BR> <B>*DIMC 2005</B><BR><BR> had 15 participants: Tim Summers (USA), Eduardo Srgio (Portugal), Tamaho Miyake (JAP), Daisuke Terauchi (JAP), Eckhard Weymann (D), Almut Kochan (D), Til Lawrence (D), Jutta Hoppe (D), Dario Garau Setzu (I), Mette Stig Nielsen, Henrik Rasmussen, Helene Jerg, Gerhard Pischinger, Audrey Rocher (F), Roland Devochelle (F), Peter Sterk (NL), Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen. The programme is <A HREF="d05prg.htm">here</A>. <BR><BR> Improvisations in many constellations ... a concert ... and some <A HREF="d05pieces.htm">pieces</A> ... and of course the <A HREF="d05_discuss.htm">discussion</A>. See some pictures <A HREF="d05_pic.htm">here</A>! <BR> <BR>****************************************<BR> <B>*DIMC 2004</B><BR><BR> had 13 participants: Anke Ames (D), Corinna Eikmeier (D), Astrid Penkert (D), Peter Sterk (NL), Rii Numata (JAP), Jens-Ole Paulin (DK), Hanne Britt Hyllegaard (DK), Mette Stig Nielsen (DK), Helene Jerg (DK), Henrik Ehland Rasmussen (DK), Carl Bergstrm-Nielsen (DK), Nina Eliasson (DK), Gerhard Pischinger (DK). We played many pieces this time apart from free improvisations - on the basis of graphics, verbal scores and rules invented during the playing process. You can see some of them <A HREF="d04_scores.htm"> here</A>. Click <A HREF="d04_discuss.htm">here</A> to read the Conference Discussion and <A HREF="d04_pic.htm">here</A> to see some pictures. <BR> <BR>****************************************<BR> <BR> (DIMC 2003 was cancelled due to booking problems) <P>**************************************** <A NAME="BM2000"></A></P> <B><P><A NAME="BM2001"></A>*DIMC 2002</P> </B><P>Had 6 participants: Tuomo Haapala (FIN/S), Eckhard Weymann and Frank Hiesler (Germany), Helene Jerg, Henrik E. Rasmussen, Carl Bergstr&oslash;m-Nielsen (DK). Two coming for the first time. You may see the programme <A HREF="d02p.htm">here</A>.</P> <P>We had a nice process with free improvisations and proposals and pieces from the participants.</P> <P>The Conference Discussion became a theory session with two small lectures: Tuomo Haapala told us about his work as a musician and with including improvisation in composed works. Eckhard Weymann showed visual material which could give inspiration for musical ideas and graphic pieces. Read the <A HREF="d02disc.htm">Conference discussion</A> which reflected the work we had done - and see a <A HREF="d02part.htm">picture</A> of us!</P> <P>**************************************** <A NAME="BM2000"></A></P> <B><P><A NAME="BM2001"></A>*DIMC 2001</P> </B><P>Had 9 participants Roman Stolyar (Novosibirsk, Russia), Blaise Siwula (Brooklyn, New York), Ge-Suk Yeo (Korea/Hamburg), Frank Hiesler (Hamburg), Helene Jerg, Henrik E. Rasmussen, Henriette Errebo Gerhard Pischinger, Johan Toft, Carl Bergstr&oslash;m-Nielsen (all DK). Four coming for the first time, seven staying all the time. You may see the programme <A HREF="d01pg.htm">here</A>.</P> <P>Playing sessions had more pieces than before. You may see some glimpses <A HREF="d01_scores.htm">here</A>.</P> <P>Read about the <A HREF="d01disc.htm">Conference discussion</A> - and see a <A HREF="d01part.htm">picture</A> of us! Examples of scores we played from is <A HREF="d01_scores.htm">here</A>.</P> <P>After the Conference, five of us played a concert in Copenhagen.</P><P>Some of the music was released on Russian Ermatell JCD 042 - see more <A HREF="http://www.angelfire.com/ut/irecords" TARGET="_blank">here</A> (please scroll down...)</P> <P>****************************************</P> <B><P>*DIMC 2000 </P> </B><P>Had one participant from Japan, one from Azerbaijan, one from USA, two from Germany and ten from Denmark and lasted a weekend from friday evening to sunday noon. Seven were present for the first time. You may see the programme <A HREF="dimc00_progrm.htm">here</A>.</P> <P>We did a concert at Vor Frue Church in Svendborg right at the beginning as the very first playing activity. We agreed to have as the only guidelines to pay attention to the big church room and to remember to listen and to make all the pauses and rests we felt like. The concert was released on Japanese CD MESCD 0014 - click <A HREF="d00_kc.htm">here</A> to see more.</P> <P>Playing sessions were varied: free improvisations, playing of compositions, exercises. As before, one half of the four sessions in all was organized into two groups by randomly drawing lots, the rest being up to a free choice. The last one became a tutti for the second time. Some notations and paintings can be seen <A HREF="D00kumi_tytte.htm">here</A><.</P> <P>Also, we had a presentation of a written piece, Sonata for two Executioners by Azerbaijan composer Faraq Karaev (1974). And <A HREF="D00disc.htm">conference discussion</A>on the special theme "notations".</P> <P>Here are some <A HREF="d00part.htm">pictures</A> of us!&nbsp;</P> <P>****************************************</P> <B><P><A NAME="d99"></A>*DIMC 1999</P> </B><P>Had seven participants staying for a long time (one from Germany, the rest from DK) and six coming for a shorter time.</P> <P>No concert this time, but many playing sessions, also interacting with a visual artist.</P> <P>Like to see some <A HREF="d99pic.htm"><FONT FACE="Tahoma" SIZE=2>pictures?</A></P> <P>The discussion was open-ended and centered around intuitive art and society. Here is a quote:</P> <TABLE BORDER CELLSPACING=1 CELLPADDING=4 WIDTH=633> <TR><TD VALIGN="TOP"> <P ALIGN="JUSTIFY"><FONT FACE="Tahoma" SIZE=1>Gerhard: intuitive art is getting exciting exactly when it begins to be boring. When you get stuck, you have to create.</P> <P ALIGN="JUSTIFY">John: so intuitive music comes from boredom?</P> <P ALIGN="JUSTIFY">Carl: maybe John is literally right. Since the art world is boring, we have to invent intuitive art.</P> <P ALIGN="JUSTIFY">(...) </P> <P>Tytte: I do not agree that normal art is boring - all art is creative, it always starts so. Since we do not have to fight for survival in our culture, there is a greater demand for creativity.</TD> </TR> </TABLE><FONT FACE=tahoma SIZE=3> <P>Click <A HREF="d99ref.htm">here</A> to read a full resume of the discussion. Click <A HREF="#top">here</A> to go to top of the page.</P> <P>****************************************</P> <B><P>*DIMC 1998 </P> </B><P>Had seven participants - one from Japan, one from Germany and Danes. Despite many international contacts via letters and e-mail, this time everybody had seen each other before. So we just went deeper into playing.</P> <P><A NAME="d98conc"></A>We did a nice concert in V&auml;xj&ouml;. (Click <A HREF="dimc_rev98.htm">here</A> here to see a review!). It was recorded and released on Japanese CD MESCD 0006 - click <A HREF="d98_cov.htm">here</A><FONT FACE="Tahoma"> to see some of the cover and <A HREF="imail.htm">here</A> to get order information.</P> <P>Click <A HREF="d98bill.htm">here</A> to see some pictures...</P> <P>Here is a summary of our discussion Saturday 15<SUP>th</SUP> of August about the theme: "Intuition and life":</P> <P>Theme for the discussion was the concept of intuition and how it can be brought to a broader use also outside of improvised music playing. One marked standpoint was expressed by Johan who said the concert the day before represented one hour of intuitive activity, however, he wanted it totally, to go on much longer time, in the form of a tour improvising its way along on the journey. Other viewpoints dealed with what intuitive music does to the listener and musician, like Kumi's saying that it had to do with throwing mental garbage away and be free in the situation. Various other improvised music playing experiences, their paradoxes and requirements for improvised playing were also discussed. (CBN) (Click <A HREF="dimc_res98.htm">here</A> to read a full resume of the discussion)</P> <P>Carl.</P> <P>.....................</P> <B><P><A NAME="d001"></A>*DIMC 1997</B> <BR> <BR> A CD with improvisations from the Conference 1997 is distributed by Intuitive Records.</P> <I><P>Click </I><A HREF="http://intuitivemusic.dk/ir/dimc001.htm" TARGET="_blank"><I><FONT FACE="Tahoma" SIZE=3>here</I></A><I><FONT FACE="Tahoma" SIZE=1> <FONT FACE="Tahoma" SIZE=3>to go to Intuitive Records' homepage and read what Karlheinz Stockhausen wrote to us about this record and to see a review by Richard Cochrane!</P> </I><P>DIMC 97 had 14 participants, including one from Japan, one from<BR> Germany and one Danish participant living in New York. As<BR> expected this third annual conference proved that DIMC is<BR> becoming an international meeting place of composers, musicians<BR> and artists working intuitively.<BR> <BR> <BR> "FOR ME INTUITIVE MUSIC IS TO CUT THE TIME, - IT SHOWS WHAT I AM,<BR> WHAT PEOPLE ARE!"<BR> (Kumi Wakao, Japan)<BR> <BR> <BR> Once again the Rudme Free-school (Denmark) was the frame for a<BR> conference. In spite of somewhat primitive facilities in<BR> general, DIMC-participants enjoyed this setting. And again<BR> shopping &amp; cooking was implemented in an intuitive<BR> community-spirit. Informal intuitive sessions, talking, &amp; life<BR> enjoyment in general seems to be what DIMC-participants<BR> appreciate!<BR> <BR> <BR> "EVERYTHING IS COMPLETELY NEW AND PART OF HISTORY!"<BR> (Jens Balder, Denmark)<BR> <BR> <BR> <FONT FACE="Tahoma" SIZE=2> THIS IS A RESUME OF OUR CONFERENCE DISCUSSION:<BR> <BR> The question proposed was whether history and theory were vital<BR> or irrelevant to intuitive music. <BR> <BR> Several participants stated that formal theories were not<BR> important to them, rather a reflective process centered around<BR> their practical musical life. <BR> <BR> This could also be named tradition or a working process. Some<BR> standpoints stressed the importance of individual freedom. This<BR> could be in order to explore oneself and fellow human beings as<BR> they are instead of stereotypes. <BR> <BR> To achieve this end, both the practises of forgetting previous<BR> knowledge and remembering individual experiences as well as roots<BR> back were pointed out as valuable tools.<BR> <BR> The discussion thus showed differentiated individual approaches<BR> to the working process as an improvisor.<BR> <BR> DIMC 97 was organized by Carl Bergstr&oslash;m-Nielsen &amp;<BR> Johan Toft (host)<BR> <BR> Carl and Johan.<BR> <BR> ....................................................<BR> <BR> <B><FONT FACE="Tahoma" SIZE=3>*DIMC 1996.</B><BR> <BR> The Conference had eleven participants. Two were Danish visual<BR> artists. One was a Canadian. Something new this year was also the<BR> representation of several musicians from the city of &Aring;rhus.<BR> <BR> Friday evening participants agreed to go to the town of Svendborg<BR> because of a special invitation to do a concert during a town<BR> festival (starting exactly at sunset at 9:23 pm!). We did that<BR> as a benefit for the Conferences and developed a design for the<BR> concert by common discussion.<BR> <BR> Playing sessions had a nice variation: some had the form of a<BR> painting/playing collaboration workshop, some were centered<BR> around certain participant's ideas, one took place outdoors in<BR> a wood, some were simply about playing.<BR> <BR> Special theme of the year was "Intuitive music and other art<BR> forms". In our discussion, themes of awareness of time and space,<BR> intuitive music versus composed music were worked upon. One must<BR> say that once again people were standing on their toes to express<BR> their opinions and comment each other's views. After closing of<BR> the formal discussion, it went on informally for hours!<BR> <BR> On the last day we formed The Association Denmarks Intuitive<BR> Music Conferences. It has the aim of supporting the Conferences<BR> and participant's travelling, and it is a nescessary formality<BR> to keep money from benefits, funds etc. out of reach of personal<BR> income taxes. The two founders are born members of the comitee<BR> which is to be elected at a general assembly during the<BR> Conference each year.<BR> <BR> We have encountered much love and serious interest both from<BR> those present as from ealier participants as well as from new<BR> people who have contacted us - thank you, all of you!<BR> <BR> Carl.<BR> ..............................................................<BR> <BR> <B>*DIMC 1995 (first time - DIMC founded by Johan Toft and Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen)</B><BR> <BR> had ten participants, including two from Sweden. The theme was:<BR> "Intuitive Music - different backgrounds, common goals?". We<BR> wrote in the programme: "The idea for this Congress has grown out<BR> of the idea of letting the Intuitive Music groups at Funen and<BR> Copenhagen meet, and we would like to see even more people. In<BR> the countries surrounding us, freely improvising musicians have<BR> regular organisations - we want to meet each other, too. The aim<BR> of this conference is solely to do it for our own sake - to<BR> exchange sounds and thoughts"<BR> <BR> No official resume was made of discussions which were not<BR> formally arranged either, but they certainly were vigourous, and<BR> participants enjoyed greatly to play. It appeared to us that<BR> there was a real need to do this.<BR> <BR> Carl. <BR> ........................... <BR> <BR> You may of course still have questions, and we would like to hear from you, so -<BR> <BR> <A HREF="imail.htm">Feel like sending a mail...</A> ? <BR> <BR> <A HREF="index.htm">Back to Intuitive Music Homepage... </A></P> <P><BR> <BR> </BLOCKQUOTE> <script type="text/javascript"> var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-39272400-1']); _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); (function() { var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + '.google-analytics.com/ga.js'; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); })(); </script> </BODY> </HTML>