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The age of internet links might not be completely over despite search engines, especially in this specialised field. So take a look...

"Museik" by Henrik Colding-Jørgensen A graphic score for free download, consisting of various parts to be combined.
Adam Fergler, composer See the "Perusal scores"!
Charlie Sdraulig, composer See under "works" and study especially the cue aspects...
THE IMPROVISOR documentation of the American site with 82 articles and +350 CD reviews. General archive for music. Also "improv", "Avant-Garde" and more under "Experimental".
INTUITIVE MUSIC HOMEPAGE. Many full-text articles and collection of quotations. By Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen, DK. Internet freeware classical music publishing site. Germany based, contents also in English language.
JASMIM - The Japanese Association for the Study of Musical Improvisation Forum for the study of improvisation. Net archive founded in 1996, initially for poetry but later comprising also sound poetry and experimental music as well.
Free Ensemble Improvisation. PhD by free improvisor Harald Stenström, Gothenburg University, Sweden, 2009.
Terry Riley's In C Classic open composition from 1964, with complete performance instructions.
Christian Wolff: Prose Collection. Classic collection of verbally notated pieces (1969/1971/1985).
Simon H.Fell scores. Some pieces are for large ensemble.
Cornelius Cardew: The Great Learning, Paragraph 7 (1969). Great classic for choir ad libitum!
Russian version of Cornelius Cardew: Draft Constitution (about The Scratch Orchestra, 1969)
Штокхаузен: диалоги об интуитивной музыке
TAZ (1996) by Massimiliano Viel. Graphic score (Italian text).
Christoph Herndler Homepage. A number of graphic scores / notations utilising symbols, with German texts.
The Great Learning Orchestra: A4 Room. Comprehensive exhibition of graphic scores and their recordings.
Russian translation of Lukas Foss: Improvisation vs. composition (1962): Лукас Фосс: Импровизация vs. композиция